Nov 29, 2011

Slew 10 - Double Digit MEGASOIDE or 22 SONGS OF FUN!!!

Slew 10 The Show // The Pics

1 - Agro Jive: Planet Of The Apes - Agro Jive LP (P. Trash Records, Full Trash 49, 2011)
Basement recordings of a one man project out of Denmark. This whole record is chock-full of 4-track goodness, but Planet Of The Apes stood out above the rest.

2 - Something Fierce: Before You Raised The Gun - Don’t Be So Cruel LP (Dirtnap Records, ZZZ-105, 2011)
Every time I think of Something Fierce I think of The Undertones. Not a bad association by any stretch, I just wish I would think more of Something Fierce and less of The Undertones. But that’s my problem, not theirs. Anyhoo, if you like The Undertones I feel comfortable in saying that you will very much like Something Fierce.

3 - The Undertones: Whizz Kids - Hypnotised LP (Sire Records, SRK 6088, 1980)
Not new, just new to me, Hypnotised happens to be one hell of a good Undertones album. I’d say it’s the best, but since it’s the only one I have, I’ll just call it hella good. The song Whizz Kids is on just about every “best of” Undertones album out there. Enjoy.

4 - Modern Pets: The Last Nanosecond of the Universe - Modern Pets LP (P. Trash Records, Full Trash 66, 2011)
I had thought we’ve played Modern Pets songs on at least one previous Slewcast but a quick check proved me wrong. That is a sad, sad oversight as the Modern Pets have been kicking ass in Berlin since 2009. Good uppity punk with just enough pop to throw you back into the late 70’s pogo scene. Or something like that. Their first LP was just released on P.Trash and you should buy it.

5 - Groupo Sub-1: Alguien Ha Secuestrado Al Nino Jesus - Nuevos Dioses LP (P. Trash Records, Full Trash 65, 2011)
I love it when we get a huge box of records from P.Trash every few months. Grupo Sub-1 is from Madrid, Spain and they play a great trashy garage-punk with a sweet sounding organ that runs through every song. Male and female singers alternate between the songs and I can’t decide which I like better, both are great. This could quite possibly make you pogo your face off. Follow the bandcamp link below for a free download of a bunch of their songs.

6 - Derby Dolls: Teaparty - Extreme Probleme LP (Erste Theke Tonträger / P.Trash Rec., 2011)
This is a great german record that P.Trash describes as “between NICHTS, HANS-A-PLAST and BUZZCOCKS, sounding like the No Fun and Schallmauer Records stuff from the early 1980s. The mixed German/English lyrics shuttle between life doubts, adapted subjects and people on the go, always with an irresistible and beat-twitching tendency to drag you to the dancefloor. The weighty female lead vocal of Helen totally reminds you of NICHTS singer Andrea Mothes.” Of course. I totally forgot about Andrea Mothes. Pick it up!

7 - Toyotas: Remote Controlled - Radio Off 7” (P.Trash Records, PT 074, 2011)
Radio Off is the Toyotas’ newest 7” and is great 60’s/70’s inspired power-pop-punk gem. It reminds me of The Tranzmitors getting mixed up with The Shitty Limits at a rockin’ club somewhere. It’s a current policy here to get every Toyotas release we can get our hands on.

8 - Sonic Avenues: Two Tons of Dynamite - Sonic Avenues/Steve Adamyk Band split Euro tour 7” (P.Trash Records, PT075, 2011)
Another great Canadian band on the pop-punk side of thing, Sonic Avenues have a new LP coming out soon on Dirtnap Records. I don’t know a whole lot about them, but any band that does a Sweet Baby cover is alright in my book.

9 - Tongan Death Grip: Stupid Kids - Chula Vista LP (P.Trash Records, Full Trash 64, 2011)

10 - Night Birds: Oblivious - The Other Side of Darkness LP (Grave Mistake, Grave 050, 2011)
Sitting here I’m trying to figure out what the most kick-ass thing about the new Night Birds LP is. Like how this album’s lyric sleeve totally reminds me of, and feels just like, the AOD Humungousfungusamungus lyric sleeve. Though when I grabbed the AOD record I noticed that those lyrics were typed out and not in a clearly punkrock handwritten scriptand like this record. Anyway, while I focus on those minute details I loose sight of the big picture surrounding The Other Side Of Darkness. The big picture being that this is one of the best, if not THE best, platters to come out this year on the punk side of the spectrum. I could cite a litany of comparisons, AGENT ORANGE, CIRCLE JERKS, ADOLESCENTS, D.I., whatever. I know that what is left of those bands is but a shadow of their former selves while this album is RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!! Why settle for the oldies when you can spin this? I can’t stop talking about how great this album is. It’s a perfect blend of Southern California and New Jersey. Surf twang meets snotty punk with songs about movies that I thought only Chaz had seen. So many of these songs have gotten stuck in my head. Oblivious seems to be dominating right now. Mandatory.

11 - Secret Prostitutes: Saigon Stinker - Fantasi Di Auschwitz 7” (Batshit Records, BS-017, 2011)
Continuing to be one of the highlights of Houston, Secret Prostitutes throw down six songs on this 7” right where their LP left off. Excellent snotty, trashy punk with lyrics sung in Indonesian. Look for them on the new compilation with CrimeWave out soon on AgroWax Records.

12 - Double Negative: Cunny Hop - Hardcore Confusion Vol. 1 7” (Sorry State, SSR-35, 2011)

13/14 - Raw Nerve: Dating Problems/Ill Of The Dead - Midnight 7” (Youth Attack, YA68, 2011)
For some reason this band keeps making me think of Black Flag even though the music is for the most part way faster. I picture the singer stalking the stage during the spoken bits as the music keeps building in intensity until everything explodes into chaos. Their live shows must be amazing.

15 - Suburbanite: Ruling Class Rebel - Suburbanite 7” (Youth Attack, YA70, 2011)
Tough as fuck hardcore ala Negative Approach through a NYHC filter. Way fuzzed-out urgency housed in a killer tri-fold sleeve. I would so be skanking around my bedroom right now if my wife wasn’t asleep.

16 - Effigies: Haunted Town - Remains Nonviewable LP (Roadkill Records, RDK 005, 1989)
Old Chicago punk that I never really listened to as a kid. The Effigies were the first I’m aware of to play the melodic, slower kind of punk that spawned the whole “Chicago sound” deal that was later made definitive by Naked Raygun. This album collects their first three EPs and a couple of later tracks.

17 - Black Flag: Thirsty And Miserable - Thirsty and Miserable/Life In Pain 7” (Unicorn Records/SST, Bogus 001, 1981)
The Licorice Pizza 7” is one of the few Black Flag records I still didn’t have and was stoked to finally score a copy. For those not “in the know”, this EP was released as a gig giveaway in 1981 to help promote Licorice Pizza which, I am led to understand, is somewhere they liked to eat pizza. Two songs of awesome.

18 - Teen Idles: Sneakers - Anniversary 7” (Dischord Records, Dischord 100, 2011)
Old DC band that spawned lots of other more famous DC bands. ahem. Minor Threat. ahem. Good stuff.

19/20 - Adrenalin OD: Old People Talk Too Loud / Trans Am - Let’s Barbeque 7” (Buy Our Records, 1983)
Adrenalin O.D. being one of my all time favorites, I was doubly stoked to get this record in the mail on the same day as the Black Flag Licorice Pizza 7”. Super fast and totally disrespectful, yet one more good thing about New Jersey.

21 - Antidote - Real Deal
Totally classic New York HardCore. I listened to it and was like....”Oh, so that’s how Ray Cappo learned to sing”.

22 - Melvins: Queen - Endless Residency
So The Melvins decided to spend a month playing Saturdays at some club in LA last year and each night they would play an entire album. They played Bullhead, Eggnog, Lysol, Stoner Witch, and Houdini. The Melvins then took the whole concept on the road playing the above albums over two nights in a few select cities. The tour was called Endless Residency and a box set of CDs recording the LA shows was sold at each stop. Later, the box set was reconfigured into a vinyl set and first sold in Europe. Later it released by Amphetamine Reptile in the U.S. in a crazier/fancier edition that comes in a wooden screened box.

Oct 19, 2011

Slew 09 - Northern California Late 80's / Early 90's

Slew 09 The Show // The Pics

The whole East Bay pop-punk explosion had it’s beginnings while I was dealing with high school in Appleton, Wisconsin during the late 80’s and early 90’s. At The Record Exchange, a used record shop that no longer exists, I saw records by Sewer Trout and Isocracy that looked cool and had funny song titles. I bought ‘em both and really liked the Sewer Trout record. It was on a small label called Lookout Records and I started noticing adds in MRR and Flipside for Lookout Bands. Then I saw The Mr. T Experience play in Green Bay. It seemed like every month or so some other kick ass record would come out on Lookout. The Operation Ivy LP Energy is a damn near perfect album. There was a poppier sound on these records that I hadn’t heard before since I was listening to Septic Death and DRI way more than The Descendents. It ended up being the perfect soundtrack for suffering through high school and college. What happened later after Green Day got signed and Rancid got huge sorta got me out of the whole East Bay thing but I look back at the music put out from 1988-1992 with fondness. We hope you enjoy it. - Mike D.

1. Operation Ivy: Soundsystem - Energy LP (Lookout Records, Lookout 10, 1989)
As I just said, this album is perfect. I had it on tape and I would play that shit on my walkman over and over again whenever I’d go on roadtrips with my family. As I type this I distinctly remember sitting on a beach at a lake in northern Wisconsin listening to Energy. All day I’d listen to my tape of it while reading the Stephen King’s first Dark Tower book. Everyone I knew went apeshit for this record and like Green Day’s - 39 Smooth, it seemed to be in almost everybody’s tape deck for like half a year.

2. Cringer : Retrograde - Time For A Little Something 7” (Vinyl Communications, VC-23, 1991)
I love the shit out of Cringer and miss the shit out of Lance Hahn. Not because I knew him or anything, it was just good knowing he was out there somewhere making music. Now that he’s passed away it’s one less truly good person in the world and that’s a little sad. No worries, I’ll just play some Cringer and it will all be fine. I mean...they put Winnie The Pooh and The Peanuts on their records for chrissakes. How could anyone be in a bad mood when they listen to Cringer.

3.Mr. T. Experience: I Love You, But You’re Standing On My Foot - Milk Milk Lemonade LP
(Lookout! Records, Lookout 49, 1992)
I would love it if I still had the t-shirt I got at the Mr T. Experience show when they came through Green Bay. It was black and white and I thought I was cool cuz the Mr T. Experience were more of an obscure band and everyone else had Black Flag and Circle Jerks shirts. I bought it while they were on the Big Black Bugs Bleed Blue Blood tour and I got the record of the same name at the show too. After that record I bought everything they put out for quite some time until John Von left the band and started the Rip Offs. I don’t know why I stopped listening or paying attention, but I know everything up to and through their Love Is Dead LP is essential pop-punk greatness.

4. The Wrong: Drunk With You - Ethyl Merman Jism Spoon LP (Flux Records, FLX 1.2, 1989)
There isn’t a whole lot of information I could find about this band and I don’t think I ever really knew much about them. The Wrong had songs on a couple of old East Bay comps and my friend who worked at the Record Exchange told me to buy this. I don’t think I’ve played it in over 10 years.

5. Sweet Baby: Resuscitation - It’s A Girl! LP (Ruby Records, 1-25822, 1989)
I love this record. Nothing but songs about girls. Sweet Baby used to be Sweet Baby Jesus and i think Very Small Records put out one record with Sweet Baby of the Jesus variety, but I’m not really sure. I think the world would be a much better place if every man, woman, and child had a copy of this record.

6. Lookouts: Dying - IV 7” (Lookout Records, Lookout 47, 1990)
The Lookouts were Larry Livermore’s band. He’s the guy that started Lookout Records and was a total hero of mine when I was graduating high school. Tre Cool, drummer for Green Day, got his start in the Lookouts when Larry formed the band and couldn’t find anyone else to play the drums in the small mountain town that he was living in. I think Tre was 12 at the time. Tre went on to fame and fortune in Green day and Larry ended up selling Lookout Records. Larry is still writing, he wrote a column for MRR back in the 90s, and still plays with his newerish band The Potatomen on occasion. Check out what he’s up to at his blog.

7. Green Day: Paper Lanterns - Slappy E.P. (Lookout Records, Lookout 35, 1990)
Fuck, i just read Green Day has sold in excess of 65,000,000 records worldwide. I was 17 years old the year this E.P. came out and if I remember right it came out hot on the heels of 39/Smooth. That record was so damn good. Green Day was so damn good. I was too young to really know a lot about their influences, what they sounded like, or that in the next fifteen years they were going to become one of the most recognized names of modern music. We all just just knew that god forbid, if they ever got signed, everyone in the world was going to be a Green Day fan.

8. Sewer Trout: People Like Me - Songs About Drinking 7” (Lookout Records, Lookout 8, 1988)
Sewer Trout was one of the first two East Bay bands I ever listened too. I got this the same day I got Isocracy’s 7” (Lookout #5). From then on it was East Bay all the way. 23 years after I first heard this record I can still remember....
“coors for contras - beer for nazis
schaefer’s is cheaper and morally superior”
my first ever political boycott and one I still support.

9. Samiam: Too Many Buttons - I AM 7” (Lookout Records, Lookout 24, 1990)
I totally forgot that Samiam formed from the ashes of Isocracy. Sergie, guitar player, came over from Sweet Baby. About 80% of me thinks I should have played an Isocracy song instead of this, but I always thought the I AM 7” this song is from was pretty dang good. It came as a surprise to me that SAMIAM is still an active band since I stopped paying attention after their first LP.

10. Monsula: Wither - v/a The Big One: San Francisco/Los Angeles LP (Flipside Records, Flip-30, 1990)
Monsula released two LPs and a 7” on Lookout but I never owned their records for one reason or another. It’s more East Bay goodness in the gruff sung vocals/tunefull but fuzzy guitar vein kinda like Samiam or Nuisance or Crimpshrine or.....

11. Scherzo: Suffering And Joy - Suffering And Joy LP (Lookout Records, Lookout 47, 1991)
One of my good buddies put on a show in Kaukauna with these guys and I remember Scherzo being really nice while I got drunk. They played well too, though at this point the whole thing is a bit fuzzy. Not sure what became of ‘em, but it was fun while it lasted.

12. Nuisance: Nicotine - Confusion Hill LP (Lookout Records, Lookout 48, 1991)
I never really knew much about Nuisance and now that I’m looking for info, the inter-net can’t seem to provide any info in a fashion that’s easy enough for me to take advantage of.

13. Stikky: Cheese Is Still Fantastic - Where’s My Lunchpail LP (Lookout Records, Lookout 6, 1988)
Stikky was the brainchild of Chris Dodge, whom later went on to found Slap-a-ham records and the band Spazz. The whole album is full of super-fast goofy songs that made fun of pretty much everything. Sorta like the AOD Wacky Hi-Jinks LP.

14. Schlong: Ploppo - Waxy Yellow Buildup LP (Very Small Records, VSR-35, 1992)
Huge musical talent that found a comfort in the wacky side of punk. Mixing political with cartoon fantasy lyrics, along with punk, funk, jazz, and cartoon fantasy music. You may be familiar with their punk-a-fied version of West Side Story. This song is kinda like an instrumental. Check out the link for a live performance from 1991.

15. Econochrist: Bullet With No Name - Ruination LP (Very Small Records, VSR-08, 1990)
Originally from Arkansas, this hardcore band gravitated to the Berkly scene and carved out a deep niche. Singer Ben Econochrist (might not be his christian name, pardon the pun) gave hardcore music a leftist political sound different from the east coast hardcore.


16. Crimpshrine: Bricks - Sleep, What’s That? EP (Lookout Records, Lookout 08, 1988)
This is the penultimate late 80’s northern California punk band. A definite influence to all other bands from the area. Though, not often copied due to the originality of Jeff Ott’s guitar playing, and poetry based lyrics. You may know of the drummer Arron Cometbus from his long running zine “Cometbus” telling tales of travel and adventure. I remember learning how to screenprint in my friend’s garage useing the cover of this 7” to make our own t-shirts.

Sep 4, 2011

Slew 08 - New purchases on deck

Slew 08 - The Show / The Pics

1. Juanito Wau! One Mouth Band: Reverb Pool - House Party EP (I Shit In The Milk Records, 702-82A, 2011 )
I don’t know what the hell this is but it’s pretty goddamn awesome. Some sort of Spanish one man beatbox garage-rock sort of thing. From Valencia.

2. The Shirks: No Way Street - Disease EP (Windian Records, WIN-20006, 2010)
The Shirks totally remind me of the Devil Dogs for some reason which is probably why I had to track this single down after picking up their newest one that Grave Mistake put out. Great garage rock, strike that-”gunk punk”, from Washington D.C.. Check ‘em out.

3. P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S.: Buzz Off - Buzz Off EP (Rock N’ Roll Disgrace, RRD-006, 2009)
Continuing in the vein of resurgent gunk punk, P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. (i have not been informed what P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. is an acronym for) totally remind me of a Nine Pound Hammer or early Nashville Pussy. Myspace informs me that Kelly Halliburton (Pierced Arrows) and a bunch of other PDX luminaries started this band in 2009.

4. New Bomb Turks: Let’s Dress Up The Naked Truth - So Clean, So Cool, So Sparkling Clear 7” (Datapanik Records, Data Panik #14, 1992)
Fronted by the guy who literally wrote the book on Gunk Punk, New Bomb Turks ended up being one of the best bands to come out of Ohio, which is no easy feat unless you happen to be the Pagans or Devo. Amped up Stooges fueled punk played with no fear and complete abandon. This track also happens to be on their critical first album “Destroy, Oh Boy!”

5. Pissed Jeans: Sam Kinison Woman - Your Life Is Worth Pissed Jeans 7” (Sub Pop Records, SP909, 2010)
Chaz turned me on to these guys and I like it. For some reason I totally think of TAD when I hear this song, like Stumblin’ Man or Jack Pepsi or some shit like that. I imagine guys of about my girth wearing shitty worn thin button down short-sleeves drinking a large quantity of beer in a gross hot basement with their amps turned to 11 and completely rocking the fuck out.

6. Crime Wave: Crime Wave - Savage Reaction 12” (Agro-Wax Records, AWR-002, 2010)
As many things we play on the ol’ Slewcast I picked up this record completely by random due to no factors other than I liked the cover of the record and the text font/color. By bonus it happened to be on blue vinyl. Extra special bonus is that the whole record rips. Somehow affiliated with my Houston, TX crush the Secret Prostitutes, Crime Wave play the sort of snotty punk that would be a great soundtrack to a string of robberies. Recommended

7. Descendents: Pep Talk - ALL LP (SST Records, SST 112, 1987)
It’s funny, a Descendents show was the first punk show I was allowed to attend, at the ripe age of 14 no less, which seems totally ancient today when I see parents taking toddlers to go see someone like Devo. Ahhh....parents today. To bad mine were into folk music. Anyway, I digress....I always avoided the ALL album. It was the album that every single person in the world that I interacted with had. It was the one that was everyone’s favorite. It was the one with Clean Sheets. It was the one that they were touring for on that fateful day. I dunno. For some reason I always thought it was the least punk and most over produced of their records. And I was so goddamn sick of Clean Sheets. So I totally avoided it. Forever. Until last week when I finally acquiesced after finding a nice first-press copy for cheap. And you can all suck it for being right. Of course this record rules. Of course it’s not the most over-produced Descendents album. And of course Clean Sheets is a great song. And...through this excersise I learned that I was already a stubborn contrarian at 14 and that contrarians are sort of dummies. I hereby stand corrected. Now stop laughing.

8. The Dils: Class War - 198 Seconds Of The Dils 7” (Dangerhouse Records, SLA-268, 1977)
To me The Dils will always be “that band from Cheech and Chong’s Up In Smoke”. Somehow The Dils managed to end up on the list of bands that were playing the Battle of the Bands that Cheech and Chong were so desperately trying to get to. The Dils were an early LA punk band with a strong leftist political bent that wrote some goddamn great songs. 198 Seconds Of The Dils is the second 7” they released and Class War is one of my favorite songs. Dangerhouse just did a sweet reissue on red vinyl and stamped labels or I just scored myself one sweet bootleg.

9. The Carbonas: Sick Satisfaction - Sick Satisfaction 7” (Douche Master Records, Douche One, 2004)
I’ve been seeing the Carbonas name thrown around quite a bit lately on GG King records and whatnot. Saw this in a local used bin a couple of weeks ago. The Carbonas were from Atlanta, Chaz knows ‘em, and they aren’t around anymore. Good shit.

10. Fucked Up: Ship of Fools - David Comes To Life 2xLP (Matador Records, OLE 952-1, 2011)
The newest Fucked Up Lp happens to be a concept album/rock opera dealing with life in some fictional British town during the mid-70’s. The concept worked for The Who with Quadrophenia and it works for Fucked Up here.

11. NOFX: Friend or Foe/I.Q. 32 - Hardcore Covers 10” (Fat Wreck Chords, FAT 773, 2011)
Half an album worth of old punk songs done byNOFX with Melvin singing on most. Each song they chose to cover is a classic with the ones we’re playing originally by Agnostic Front and the Necros. For the true nerd and his wallet, it was released as a picture disc, a one-sided 10”, and a 7”.

12. White Wards: Fucking A Dead Corpse - Waste My Time 7” (Iron Lung Records, Lungs-017, 2011)
How could we not play a song called Fucking A Dead Corpse. Slewcast in no way endorses the actual act of fucking a dead corpse.

13. Dry Spell: Freak Acts - Dry Spell 12” (Vinyl Conflict Records, VCRS003/NW-51, 2011)
This band is great and Freak Acts totally has a Destroy Oh Boy! era-New Bomb Turks kind of vibe going on. Out of Richmond VA, these guys will be a band to keep an eye out for.

14. Neurosis: United Sheep - Pain of Mind LP (Alchemy Records, VM105, 1987)
A bit of this slewcast is ending up as a “Mike revisits his past” sort of thing. I had this record on cassette when I was in Junior High and have distinct memories of listening to this as I had to run around the school’s athletic track for one dumb reason or another. I’ve always been wanting to get an original copy of this on vinyl, which nothanks to Ebay is usually cost prohibitive, and I finally scored. For those not aware, Neurosis the crazy spacy atmospheric dare-say hippy metal band started out in the East Bay of CA as a kick ass raging punk band in the vein of Ambiex or some other crusty such nonsense. I was 15 and loved it. 23 years later it holds up quite well. Maybe they’ll play a song or two off of this album when I ‘em next month with YOB.

15. Melvins: The Water Glass - The Bride Screamed Murder LP (Amphetamine Reptile, am-rep 78, 2011)
Not to overstate the obvious that the Melvins are one of the greatest, most innovative, and goddamn flat-out best bands of my era. I like to think of myself as fortunate to have gotten their first proper LP when it came out in 1987 (which also happened to be the year for the first proper Neurosis LP on the same Alchemy label and the year ALL came out) and their newest LP (which was far harder to get a copy of than it needed to be). It’s the second album with the Big Business guys and is a great progression from the A Senile Animal.

16. Boris: Tu, la la - Heavy Rocks (Sargent House Records, SH 059, 2011)
I’m still not sure if I like the newer Boris when compared to the Pink record and earlier releases. This song is in a dance-pop style that seems to be the new Boris sound like on their last LP (Japan only release). Tu, la la is intriguing, for some reason it brings to mind the opening credits to a Japanese crime drama. I’m beginning to miss the old Boris.

17. Ramming Speed: Betrayed - Ramming Speed/A.N.S. split (Tankcrimes, TC 43, 2011)
I don’t know a whole lot about this band and don’t really feel like researching too hard. Speedmetal from Boston. In my mind really good speedmetal from Boston. Not a genre I listen too often, but I couldn’t refuse buying a record with a glow in the dark sleeve. Call me a sucker. Pick it up on Tankcrimes, though I think they are sold out of the glow in the dark “die-hard” edition.

18. Cannabis Corpse: The Weedspawn - Beneath The Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise (Tankcrimes, TC 45, 2011)
I’ve fallen for Cannabis Corpse. I admit it. What I thought was a goofy concept band of a bunch of stoners covering Cannibal Corpse songs (whom I never listened too) turned out to be a kick ass concept band of a bunch of stoners that write killer metal (but used to re-write Cannibal Corpse songs). This is a side project of “Land Phil” from Municipal Waste. Every song is about weed in one way or another. I’m still shocked at how good this record is. The song we are playing sounds a little crappy because it’s from a flexi that came with the “pro-stoner” die-hard edition of the album. Flexi’s sound like shit, but not as bad as the song-embossed postcard that also came with the album. Tankcrimes will rule forever for giving away playable postcards.

19. Neurosis: Eye - Through Silver In Blood (Iron City/Relapse Records, ICR 002, 1996)
I consider Through Silver In Blood the second absolutely essential Neurosis record, the first being Enemy Of The Sun. I think this was their heaviest album and managed to pave the way for ISIS, Cult of Luna, Dissapearer, and every other dark, heavy, brooding metal outfit around. I’ve wanted a vinyl copy of this forever and finally scored a first pressing in time to play my favorite song on this episode.

Aug 1, 2011

Slew 07 - Drugs are to Music as The Internet is to (blank)?

Slew 07 -- The Show  //  The Pics

1. Dead Milkmen: Smoking Banana Peels - Smokin’ Banana Peels E.P. (Enigma, 1988)
The Dead Milkmen are the ultimate joke punk band to some, and others think they are high-art, original, and also punk. They are all of this to me. Filling my head with hilarious stories and images, but at the same time they play some damn fine music. The song Smokin’ Banana Peels is a great example of how to take the hippie generation trippy, dippy shit and give it a punk attitude. Well Done, sirs. They are still playing shows. Go see them if you can.
"Take Elvis for a walk and shut-up."

2. The Cramps: Drug Train - Bad Music For Bad People (I.R.S, 1984)
You ever rode a train? You ever rode a train on drugs? You ever rode a drug train? Sounds fun. You don’t need me to tell you about The Cramps. No, what you need is to get on board. Although I did just now learn that Bad Music For Bad People is a compilation from previous studio recordings. Go, Internet!
"You put one foot up.
You put another foot up.
You put another foot up, and your on board the Drug Train."

3. Sloppy seconds: Somebody Else's Pills - The First Seven Inches (Alternative Testicles, AT-001, 1987)
In their heyday, this band was the “other” band full of fat guys. The primary “fat guy” band at the time was Poison Idea. These guys couldn’t have been/aren’t more different than Poison Idea. Ramones fueled punk with great hooks and funny lyrics, Sloppy Seconds built a career on songs about porn, comic books, booze, drugs, and girls.
“Why don't you swallow a handful of someone else's pills?
It will solve all of my problems and cure all your ills”

4. Dwarves: Drug Store - Drug Store EP (Sub Pop Records, SP-081, 1990)
Very few bands match the history of the Dwarves. Fifteen minute rock shows similar to riots were the norm. Stories of Blag getting into punching matches with the audience. I have distinct memories of watching He Who Cannot Be Named shove is finger up his ass. Drug Store is just one of the umpteen perfect songs they’ve written on the subject matter.
“Goin down to the drug store
Gonna buy a box of Romilar
Goin down down down
Gonna have me some fun”

5. Boris The Sprinkler - Drugs and Masturbastion (Mutant Pop records, MP-03, 1995)
I saw Boris The Sprinkler play a bunch in the early days of the band and they were so goddamn fun (most of the time) that it just served to reinforce how awesome it was to grow up in the Fox River Valley (not that I knew it then). Rumor has it the singer Norb is a video game designer, Paul #2 was captured by a drum playing chicken and is being held hostage in Door County, Ric #6 is working in feminine hygine, and Paul #1 is who knows where. Enjoy their myspace page, they haven’t looked at it in years.
“Other people are not like me
and I don’t like them very much.”

So true.

6. Didjits: Dear Junkie (Sub Pop, SP241, 1993)
Rick Sims has been writing great rock songs since he started The Didjits back in the mid-eighties. The Didjits broke up in the late nineties and Rick went on to form the Gaza Strippers who kept the torch alive for a few more years. The last thing the Strippers put out was in 2002 and I have no idea what he’s been up to since.
“I’m on my way back home....”

7. SQRM: White Rabbit - White Saints EP (Abscess Records, AR01, 2010)
SQRM, a MA based band plays a dirty, noisey, depraved version hardcore punk that does not disappoint. This disorienting rendition of Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" makes me think more of meth than psychedelics, but whatever.
“And you've just had some kind of mushroom
And your mind is moving slow”

8. The Dickies: Just Say Yes - Just Say Yes b/w Ayatollah You So 7” (Overground Records, Over 12, 1990)
The Dickies have certainly had their own history of drug issues that slowed them down but never put them out of existence. Still playing sporadically to this day at a big reunion fest near you.
“Tell all your friends they should try it
Just say yes...yes”

9. NOFX: Drugs are good - HOFX EP (Fat Wreck, 1995
NOFX has written plenty of songs about drugs but this one is on a record featuring Don Ho on the cover making it way more relevant than the rest. Relevant how? I have no idea.
“Drugs are good, they let you do things that you know you not should.
And when you do 'em people think that you're cool.”

10. Brujeria: Marijuana: El Patron b/w Marijuana 7” (Chupacabra Discos, 1997)
The band name derives from the black magic used by some Mexican drug dealers to inspire fear in religious locals. I really don’t remember how I first got into Brujeria save that I remember enjoying all the drug smuggling imagery in their ads. I think I bought this single for the same reason. Extra bonus getting the modified Macarena cover on the b-side.
“Hay un una vieja que es my boinita
En mexico la llaman mariajuanita
La vida loca necesita hirbita....

11. The Supersuckers: Ron’s got the cocaine - Smoke of Hell LP (Sub Pop Records, SP 164, 1992)
This song’s from the first of what were three excellent albums The Supersuckers released on Sub Pop records back in the early nineties. Again, with this band most songs involve cars, girls, or drugs. They are still around, but I don’t think they’ve put out a new studio album in years.

12. RKL: Scab On My Brain - Rock And Roll Nightmare LP (Alchemy Records, VM 104, 1987)
This band had a reputation for drug use and I believe at least one band member is dead at this point due to drugs. Bummer for such a positive band.
“Gotta get good and high for the next world disaster!”

13. Honky: Smokin’ Weed With Helios Creed - Self Titled LP (Honest Abe Records, HAC 997, 1998)
Honky was formed by J.D. Pinkus from the Butthole Surfers and they do a great sloppy classic rock sorta thing. Once again, most songs involve cars, girls, or drugs.

14. Amoebas: Gimme A Fix - Gimme A Fix b/w No Emotion 7” (Gimme Gimme Records, GGR 001, 2009)
I don’t know anything about this band except that I liked how the record cover for this looked in the store which is why I bought it. Come to find out that the cover is screened on the opposite side of a rejected sleeve for a Bunny Skull EP that I also happen to own. Either the dude who screened this fucked up or is cheap or the band spent all of their money on drugs. I have no idea. Kick ass song though.

15. Heartbreakers - Chinese Rocks - L.A.M.F. LP (Track Records, 940552, 1977)
Classic song about heroin written by Dee Dee Ramone and Richard Hell. First recorded by Johnny Thunders band The Heartbreakers, this single went on to sell 20,000 copies before L.A.M.F. was released.
“I’m living on Chinese Rocks
Everything is in the pawn shop”

16. Zeke: Mainline - S/W/P/R 2x7” (Junk Records, JR 6, 1996)
Chaz was looking for the Zeke song “Lets Get Drugs” but couldn’t find it so we had to settle for this. Though not convinced this song is actually about drugs, I will concede that the name of it works along in a heroin theme.
“goin’ down the mainline
the fuckin’ mainline
goin down the mainline tonight”

17. Fu Manchu: Beach Blanket Bongout - Beach Blanket Bongout! 7” (At The Dojo Records, ATT-002, 2009)
Classic JFA played through the haze of Fu Manchu.
“We’re having fun, Wasted in the sun.”

18. Electric Wizard: Dopethrone - Dopethrone 2xLP (Rise Above Records, Rise 52, 2004/2010)
I totally missed out on these guys until last year. This is the title track off their third album that was repressed last year.
“Rise black amps tear the sky
Riff hewn alter wreathed in smoke and weed”

19. Cannabis Corpse: Skull Full of Bong Hits - The Weeding E.P. (Tankcrimes, TC 34, 2010)
This is a side project of Philip Hall from Municipal Waste doing a parody of Cannibal Corpse. Not being a super huge metal guy, I never listened to Cannibal Corpse, but the Cannabis Corpse version of whatever song this originally was is ridiculously awesome so I have to assume that Cannibal Corpse is at least as ridiculously awesome. Of course that assumes Skull Full of Bong Hits was some sort of Cannibal Corpse song. I just got their brand new LP “Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise” in the mail and it totally fucking shreds.
“Wishing you weren't so useless and stoned - Skull full of bong hits.
Maniacal murder like none you have known - Skull full of bong hits.”

20. Rocket From The Crypt: Glazed - Circa Now! LP (Cargo/Headhunter Records, HED 015, 1992)
So goddamn good it’s a shame Rocket From The Crypt isn’t around anymore. It took a few listens before I caught on to what Speedo was saying in this song. Enjoy the further sounds of Speedo in his newest band, The Night Marchers, who sorely need to release a new album.
“smoke pot, smoke pot, everybody smoke pot.”

21. Minor Threat: Straight Edge - Minor Threat (Discord, 1981)
I couldn’t make this shit up. This song started a movement that still exist today in basements and lacrosse fields beyond this nation spread across the globe. Minor Threat is the sound of hardcore to me and many others. Other bands built their sound and lyrics off this base, like Gorilla Biscuits and Kid Dynamite. That’s a good thing. Most kids eventually grow out of it.

Jun 25, 2011

Slew 06 - How to count to 4 in Italian.

Slew_06_05/30/11   -  The Show / The Pics

Let it be stated at the outset that neither Chaz nor I have any memory of finishing this recording, which makes us both think we were pretty intoxicated while we recorded this.  Concocted on the back end of our NOMEANSNOISODE, this playlist was compiled following Chaz’s shouted criteria – grab a stack of your favorite newest acquisitions, arrange in alphabetical order, and then pick a song.  Any song.  I don’t really remember why I picked most of the songs.  Some were picked due to the coolness of the title.  Some were picked just because they seemed ridiculous (think Masakari).  Either way, my only stipulation was that we had to play lots of Smart Cops songs.  Chaz readily agreed.  I apologize if this whole Slewcast comes off as a bit goofy, but that’s what happens when we drink large bottles of Belgian beers until 3:47am.  Enjoy, and if you dig it, “like” our Facebook page or some shit.

1. Black Lungs: Valley of the Dolls – Valley of the Dolls 7” , (Deranged Records, DY-184, 2010)
I know nothing about this band, I bought this single last week and it just happened to land first on the playlist.  It also happens to be a great song.  It turns out Valley of the Dolls was a book, a movie, and the second Generation X LP.  Black Lungs is “the new solo project of Alexisonfire’s Wade McNeil” whoever the fuck that is.  For some reason I think I should hate Alexisonfire but I don’t know why.  It was recorded by Jonah Falco who happens to be in both the mighty Career Suicide and Fucked up.
nerd note: first press limited to 500 yellow copies

2. Career Suicide: Means To No End – Cherry Beach 7”, (Dirtnap Records, ZZZ -95, 2011)
This is the third version of an EP that was originally released as a 2008 UK/Ireland tour exclusive.  Two of the songs are different this go around and it stands without question that I still think Career Suicide is the best damn punk band coming out of Canada even though they have released all of one EP in the past three years.  They should fix that.
nerd note:  this version was released in a pressing of 1000 w/the first 200 on red vinyl and comes with a big poster insert.  The other version I have is the Cherry Beach “Bootleg” EP that has a different cover and was limited to 300 maybe .  Original press on Sewercide also 300.  

3. Coke Bust: Keep Out – Degredation E.P. , (Grave Mistake Records, Grave 046, 2011)
This is awesome fast hardcore with six rippers packed onto the EP.  Judging from the photos on the back cover these guys are some pissed off old dirty motherfuckers.  No wonder it kicks so much ass.  The internet makes it seem like they’re a straight edge band but you’d never know it. It sounds like a bunch of other really fast angry bands that also kick ass.
nerd note: this EP was originally released on Refuse Records (Poland) in 2010 and then pressed in the US in 2011.  900 pressed on Refuse, 1000 on Grave Mistake (200 white).

4.  Cute Lepers: She Liked Helter Skelter – Adventure Time LP , (1-2-3-4 Go! Records, GO-49, 2011)
I don’t know how I managed to go this long without knowing about the Buzzcocks/Jam/Dictators inspired greatness that is the third Cute Lepers album.  She Liked Helter Skelter ia a pop gem with a cool title making it the obvious pick for this playlist and the perfect yang to Coke Bust’s ying.
nerd note: 200 copies on yellow vinyl, 1,000,000 copies on black

5.  Getting Even: End Credits – Self Titled 7” , (Pass Judgement/Rock Bottom/1% Records, GE-001, 2010)
Really, really good distorted punk that totally reminds me of My War era Black Flag on this song.  These guys hail from Minneapolis and have former members of lots of bands, one of which was Holding On.  I have a Holding On LP and, though really good, I dig this way more.  For anyone that can’t get enough Black Flag or Poison Idea.
nerd note: first pressing of 300 on purple vinyl w/obi strip, insert, and download card.

6. GG King: Reading Magazines – Esoteric Lore LP , (Rob’s House Records, RHR063, 2011)
 A relatively new Atlanta band that defies easy classification.  Sorta lo-fi fuzzy garage but at the same time a little chaotic and random.  Like really old kbd punk stuff.  Features old folks that used to be in The Carbonas and Quadaliacha among others.  At last count I receive 4 magazines in the mail so I can totally relate to this song.
nerd note: 200 pressed on white vinyl.

7. High Tension Wires: The Secret Of The Hydrogen Bomb – Welcome New Machine LP , (Dirtnap Records, ZZZ-104, 2011)
Mark Ryan, of Marked Men fame, releases his third High Tension Wires album with help from guys from The Reds and Riverboat Gamblers.  Mark wrote most of my favorite Marked Men songs and Welcome New Machine is chock-full of great tunes.  This is yet another song picked solely for it’s cool title.  If you like the Marked Men you’ll totally dig High Tension Wires.
nerd note:  I think 200 of this were pressed on some sort of colored vinyl for mailorder folks

8. Minutemen: 9:30 May 2nd – Minutemen/Saccharine Trust split 7” , (Water Under The Bridge Records, WUB 005, 2011)
I’ve always liked the Minutemen but never really listen to them as much as I probably should.  I thought this song might have been unreleased before, which is one reason why I wanted to play it, but then I noticed it’s on the Cracks in the Sidewalk Compilation LP and not the Chunks compilation LP that they are ALSO on and ALSO happen to play a song with a title related to time (Clocks as it were). New Alliance originally released both compilations in the early 80’s and than SST re-pressed them.  Crazy.
Nerd note: turns out that the first pressing (1000) has blue and white covers and the second pressing (500) has red and white ones.

9. The Mean Jeans: Forever Young – Trouble In Mind RSD 4-way split 7” , (Trouble In Mind, TM-026, 2011)
The Mean Jeans play a fuzzed out amped up variety of Ramones-esq R&R that never ceases to put a smile on my face with their heady songs about running out of smokes and being stupid.  Rod Stewart, it turns out, did not write this song.
nerd note:  Limited to 1000 copies on white vinyl, mine is # 471

10. Night Birds: Triple Feature – Midnight Movies 7” , (No Way Records, NW-50, 2011)
I think we’ve played close to every song on this single by now. Kick ass punk in the vein of everything awesome from the early eighties.   Every song happens to be about movies which we totally support.  Now gimme an LP and a west coast tour!
nerd note: my copy came with a pin, patch, and sticker.

11. Night Marchers: Thar She Blows – Thar She Blows 7” , (Swami Records, SWA 140, 2011)
Speedo, of Rocket From the Crypt and Hot Snakes fame, continues on in the same vein that he always has, writing great song after great song.  Thar She Blows is the newest material Night Marchers has released and is a great follow-up to their LP even with the long gap between the two records.
nerd note: Word is this is a limited pressing of 900 never to be pressed again.

12. Obits: One Cross Apiece – One Cross Apiece 7” , (Stint Records, ST-71, 2008)
In my mind the Obits are dang near the perfect band.  I was so happy when I found out Rick Froberg (guitar/voice) had a new band after the Hot Snakes broke up.  He continues to write clean, simple rock songs that always seem to have a hook that sticks with you hours after it’s gone.  One Cross Apiece was their first single and everything they have released should be considered mandatory.
nerd note: I don’t think there is anything nerdy about this one save that the picture of this record on the Sub Pop website has a red label and my copy has a blue label

13. Masakari: Sleep/Rot – Sleep/Rot 7”, (Masakari Records, Masakari 01, 2011)
I don’t have a ton of music like this in my collection but this EP immediately stands out.  One of these songs is a cover, but I have no idea which one.  Complete Japan worship in the crusty thrash vein that in earlier times would have had me putting my head through a closet door.  Get it while you still can.
nerd note: This is one sided 7” w/screened b-side ltd to 300 total copies w/3 dif. covers, one for pre-orders, one for Halo of Flies distro, and one for tour)

14. Get Rad: When Push Comes To Skate – Choose Your Own Adventure 7”, (Get Rad/Halo Of Flies/Perpetual Motion Machine records, halo32/pmm33, 2011)
I’m not sure that I’m a fan of their full lengths nearly as much as I like their EP’s and this 7” delivers in spades.  It’s total youth crew hardcore that makes me think of Youth of Today or Uniform Choice or something fast and shirtless like that, but they sing about riding skateboards, riding dirtbikes, playing pinball, important shit like that.  I mean fuck, they made a Choose Your Own Adventure book for chrissakes!
nerd note: Limited to 500 copies, with 376 on a black/dark grey vinyl and 124 on various other colors. Stuck in a thick silkscreened cover (mine is blue matching the vinyl) with an 8 page 'Choose Your Own Adventure' book that I happened to conquer on my first read.

15. The Shirks: Prostitution Summer – Cry Cry Cry 7” , (Grave Mistake Records, Grave 045, 2011)
Total Devil Dogs worship.  From Washington DC one ex-Problematics guy, Al Bud, gets with one discord guy and a couple of other folks to record some great Rock n’ Roll.   The Shirks have released three other singles that I have yet to track down.
nerd note: 100 copies on clear red vinyl

16. The Steve Adamyk Band: Speed It Up – The Steve Adamyk Band LP , (P-Trash Records, Full Trash 59, 2010)
Yet another awesome band from Canada.  The internet tells me this is ¾ of the now defunct Sedatives playing songs Steve Adamyk wrote solo while in the band.  It’s great powerpop and makes me wish I lived closer to Ottawa.  Rumor has it they will have a new LP coming soon on Dirtnap, but it could be a domestic pressing of this German pressing.
nerd note:  I’m a total dork and am in the P-Trash fanclub so I have the ltd. to 100 version with a screened plexiglass cover and multi-color vinyl

17-22.  Smart Cops – Per Proteggere e Servire LP , (Sorry State Records, SSR-32, 2011)
I don’t know what it is about this band from Italy.  The cool logo, the matching shirts, goofy motorcycle pants.  I’m a sucker for matching band outfits.  The previous two Smart Cops 7”s were amped up fast punk, but this brand new LP slows things down a little bit, adds some soul, swagger, and handclaps.  Fucking totally awesome.  My current favorite album of 2011.  I can’t speak a lick of Italian so I don’t understand a damn thing they’re saying, but that doesn’t stop the songs from getting stuck in my head.  Needless to say we’re playing every other song from the whole album.  Enjoy.
17. Realta Cercami
18. Il Cattivo Tentente
19. A Gambe Levate
20. La Legge Del Piu Debole
21. Neila Giungla
22. Sangue d’Africa
nerd note:  150 copies pressed on clear/black vinyl for mailorder.

May 21, 2011

Slew 05 - Nomeansnoisode

Slew episode 05 /Pics/Show


I think both of us here at Slewquarters™ can say that NOMEANSNO has been an integral part of our lives since the first time either of us heard our first NOMEANSNO song. I remember clearly the day I was at the Exclusive Company in Appleton, WI and bought a copy of the Wrong Lp. I had been seeing flyers around town for a NOMEANSNO show in Green Bay at the Eagles Club and had missed it for one reason or another. The one friend of mine that went and said it was awesome, so when I saw Wrong in the bin I immediately had high hopes. I remember sitting on the side of my bed slack jawed holding the insert/lyric sheet while listening to the record over and over again. Totally unlike pretty much everything I was listening to at the time, NOMEANSNO’s music and lyrics on Wrong hit me in a way that few other records ever had. It wasn’t super fast and it wasn’t super punk, but it was super something and I wasn’t really quite sure what. I just knew at that point I would be a fan for life. I have followed them closely ever since, getting every record immediately upon its release and dissecting its contents in ever-greater detail upon each listen. Unlike most of my friends, I have never been a musician, and have never understood as deeply how musically excellent this band is, I only knew that no matter what, it was guaranteed that at least one song on each record would raise the hair on my neck. The fact is that 30+ years after NOMEANSNO’s formation they continue to be a leading example of all that is awesome in music and I’m glad we can use this Slewcast™ to bear witness.

First NOMEANSNO Song I Heard:
It's Catching Up –Mike (Wrong LP, 1989, Alternative Tentacles, Virus 77)
Dad –Chaz (Sex Mad LP, 1986, Psyche Industry/Alternative Tentacles, Virus 56)
Favorite 80's song:
The Day Everything Became Nothing –Mike (The Day Everything Became Isolated and Destroyed 2xLP, 1988, Wrong Records, Wrong 34)
Small Parts Isolated and Destroyed –Chaz (The Day Everything Became Isolated and Destroyed 2xLP, 1988, Wrong Records, Wrong 34)
Favorite 90's song:
State Of Grace – Mike (The Worldhood Of The World As Such LP, 1995, Alternative Tentacles, Virus 171)
Tuck It Away – Chaz (The Worldhood Of The World As Such LP, 1995, Alternative Tentacles, Virus 171)
Favorite 00's song:
'Till I Die – Mike (All Roads Lead To Ausfahrt LP, 2006, Wrong Records, Wrong 33)
Hello,Goodbye – Chaz (One 2xLP, 2000, Alternative Tentacles, Virus 248)
Most Goosebumps:
Victory – Mike (The Day Everything Became Isolated and Destroyed 2xLP, 1988, Wrong Records, Wrong 34)
Heaven Is The Dust Beneath My Shoes - Chaz (All Roads Lead To Ausfahrt LP, 2006, Wrong Records, Wrong 33)
Best Song For A Wedding:
Joy – Mike (The Worldhood Of The World As Such LP, 1995, Alternative Tentacles, Virus 171)
Body Bags – Chaz (You Kill Me EP, 1985, Undergrowth Records, UG1302)

Favorite cover song:
Oh Canaduh – Mike (Oh Canaduh/New Age 7”, 1991, Allied Recordings, Allied 10)
Manic Depression – Chaz (Sex Mad LP, 1986, Psyche Industry/Alternative Tentacles, Virus 56)
Guiding Philosophy Through College:
Oh No Bruno! – Mike (Wrong LP 1989, Alternative Tentacles, Virus 77)
It’s Catching Up – Chaz (Wrong LP, 1989, Alternative Tentacles, Virus 77)
Favorite brand new song that’s somewhat short so we can sandwich into this Slewcast™:
Slave (Old EP, 2010, Wrong Records, Wrong 1000000)

We are forgoing more detailed notes/descriptions with the super weak and totally accurate excuse that simple words cannot describe how awesome NOMEANSNO is.

Apr 23, 2011

Slew EP. 04 - Driving and Talking

Slew_4 notes 4/20/11 - Driving & Talking.

The SHOW  /  The PICS

1. Johnathan Richman and the Modern Lovers - Self Titled LP, Beserkley (JBZ-0048, 1976)
I blame Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers for all that is known as punk music today. Riding from town to town, tormenting the parents and teachers by filling the heads of young folks with grand ideas of love and government centers.

2. Black Flag: Wasted – Nervous Breakdown 7”, SST Records (SST-01, 1978)
Of all the first wave of punk records that came out of southern CA this one’s my favorite by a long shot. Four songs with Keith Morris (Circle Jerks, Off!) doing the vocals. It sounds funny to say this release was ahead of it’s time, but it was. By a long shot.

3. Urinals: Ack Ack Ack – Year Of The Rats compilation LP, no label (RAT-78, 1988)
I readily admit I don’t know a goddamn thing about the Urinals save that they were from Southern California, released three singles from 1978-1980, and The Minutemen cover this song on both the Ballot Result and 3-Way Tie For Last Lps.

4. X: Los Angeles – Los Angeles LP, Slash Records (23930-1, 1980)
Of course we had to play this song since this episode is all about the history of southern California punk. Absolutely classic LP from 1980. I’d be surprised if anyone listening to this hasn’t heard this album, but if you haven’t, go buy it now!

5. Angry Samoans: Matchstick Men/Posh Boy’s Cock – Return To Samoa, Shakin’ Street Records (Yeah Hup 008, 1990)
Two Angry Samoans obscurities from this bootlegish collection of old songs from the Jeff Dahl days. Posh Boy’s Cock is a re-work of ‘Steaknife’ that was on Back From Samoa and Matchstick Men is originally by Status Quo.

6. M.I.A.: Cold Sweat – Last Rites For M.I.A./Genocide, Smoke Seven Records (Smk7-104, 1982)
Not indigenous to southern CA, M.I.A. moved in from Nevada and released a great album (Murder in a Foreign Place-1984) on Alternative Tentacles, an okay album (Notes From The Underground-1985) on National Trust and an album I just can’t come to like on Flipside. This split LP is the first thing they released and is a lot more rough than what came later. Cold sweat isn’t my favorite song of theirs off of this, but it’s the only one I like that managed to record without a skip halfway through and it’s got the classic ‘fuck the cops’ theme. Alternative Tentacles has reissued almost all of their material so grab it if you like it.

7. Circle Jerks: When The Shit Hit’s The Fan – Golden Shower Of Hits, LAX Records (LAX1051, 1983)
Golden Shower Of Hits, the often looked over third Circle Jerks album, has quite a few good songs on it. When The Shit Hit’s The Fan is also featured in the movie Repo Man where the Circle Jerks perform the song as a lounge band. I think the Circle Jerks were planning on getting back together until Keith (singer) got a better gig with OFF!

8. Battalion of Saints: Beefmasters – “Second Coming” LP, Nutrons Records (E1020, 1984)
Battalion of Saints was only around for five years but left their mark by releasing this fucking awesome LP along with other records that I don’t think are nearly as good. The singer reformed the band in 1995 and they are still playing somewhere. I remember Beefmasters being my friend Jon’s favorite song so this one goes out to him.

9. Descendents: Silly Girl – I Don’t Want To Grow Up LP, New Alliance/SST Records
(NAR-026, 1985)
We could easily do a single show on nothing but the Descendents. For this episode just let it be known that Silly Girl is my favorite Descendents song from 1985.

10. Chemical People: Henry Whitpenn – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly 7”, Chemical People Records (MCF2110, 1986)
Henry Whitpenn is the b-side of the first Chemical People single and sounds way different than the version later recorded for their first LP. Not surprising considering the lineup on this record is totally different from the classic Nazworthy/Urlik/Pina power trio that played on everything else.

11. Bad Religion: Give You Nothing – Suffer LP, Epitaph Records (E-86404, 1988)
After years of absence, Bad Religion came exploding back into the SOCAL picture in 1987 when this album came out. Big words, fast beats, and ooohhh ahhh harmonies like no one had heard made this THE FUCKING ALBUM!!! I would argue that this album almost singlehandedly laid the foundation for all that is fat wreckords/epitaph/mall-punk today. Not necessarily a great thing, but holy shit I cannot overstate how great Suffer is. Songs about quantum mechanics for christsakes! I GIVE YOU ME I GIVE YOU NOTHING!!!!

12. Left Insane: Neck Deep – Toolbox LP, Nemesis Records (NEM-23, 1990)
Total Black Flag/SST/Cruz worship by Left Insane, Toolbox, produced by Bill Stevenson and Stephen Egerton, is their only LP. Neck Deep is one of the few songs on the record that had vocals, the instrumentals are culled straight from the Process of Weeding Out school.

13. Rocket From The Crypt: Boychucker – Boychucker 7”, Sympathy For The Record Industry (SFRTI-179, 1992)
I like this record because one version was a picture disc and one version that came with three or four “pogs” that no one knew what to do with. If you don’t know, Rocket From The Crypt was a band from San Diego that “broke up” in 2005 and I am still in denial about the whole thing. If you like these guys, check out the singer Speedo’s new band The Night Marchers. They are almost equally awesome and just released a brand new single.

14. Fu Manchu: Don’t Bother Knockin’ (If This Vans Rockin’) – Don’t Bother 7”, Elastic Records (ELS-007, 1993)
Playing slow and heavy but with melody made Fu Manchu one of the first bands I remember being referred to as stoner rock (maybe that should be reefered to, ha!) which I thought was just a more cool way to say something was inspired by 70’s rock. It seems like the perfect music for skate videos and I’m glad they’re still active.

15. The Muffs: Agony – Blond And Blonder LP, Reprise (9 458582, 1995)
Kim Shattuck, singer for The Muffs, used to be in the Pandoras so it should come as no surprise that The Muffs kick ass. Unless you’re like me and you haven’t listened to the Pandoras. Then, while not surprising, it was nice to come across The Muffs who were a catchier and better alternative to the other female fronted bands of the time (L-7/Hole/Lunachicks…). Once at a free show in Milwaukee I saw her steal some douche’s acoustic guitar while the dumbass tried to force himself up on stage while she was playing. They have a new album coming out soon so keep your eye out.

16. NOFX: The Desperation’s Gone – All Of Me 7”, Fat Wreck Chords (FAT-561-7, 1996)
Fifteen years after this song was written and the lyrics sound like they were written last week.

Turn, tune the knob k-go
Some alternal radio
Strategic marketing hype, media, stereotype
Has our music been castrated? Yes
To you it may sound good
To me it sounds all wrong
The notes and chords sound similar
The same forbidden beat, but
The desperation's gone (the song's the same)
But the desperation's gone 

Is he singing about his own band?

17. Queens Of The Stone Age: Mexicola – QOTSA, Man’s Ruin Records (MR-151, 1998)
I have to admit I don’t really know a whole hell of a lot about these guys history wise. I know they are from the southern California desert and have some guys from Kyuss in the band. And one of the guys is also in the Eagles of Death Metal. Or maybe two of the guys. This song makes me thing of a more radio friendly, poppy Fu Manchu. The whole album just got the deluxe re-issue treatment with extra songs and whatnot.

Write comments and email the Slew boys about what new records are coming out.  And, don't forget about the Slewcast home drinking game.

Apr 3, 2011

Slew Ep.03 - New Record Day

Slew 03 - The Show  //  The Pictures

Slew_3 notes 3/14/2011

1. The Stitches: Monday Morning Ornaments – Another Victim 7”, Modern Action Records
(MAR-009, 2010)
Formed by a couple of skaters back in the mid-nineties, The Stitches are playing together again and this makes the first new single in almost a decade. Totally missed them the first time around, all the bio’s I can find mention speed, meth, and 1977. The new songs are great and I’m glad they’re back in action. Out of the Bay Area for those who are interested in that sort of thing.
Get the record here:

2. Bad Brains: FVK (Fearless Vampire Killers) - Bad Brains S/T, Roir (1982)
"The bourgeoisie had better watch out for me
All throughout this so called nation
we don't want your filthy money
we don't need your innocent bloodshed
We just wanna end your world
Well my mind's made up
Yes it's time for you to pay
better watch out for me
I'm a member of the F.V.K."
New "Pay To Cum" reissues available now!!!

3. The Nightbirds: Midnight Movies – Midnight Movies 7”, No Way Records
(NW-50, 2011)
Brand new 4-song 7” from Joe Erg’s newish band that’s chasing the California punk dream from the Garden State Parkway. Goddamn this band is good and with a former Erg! writing the songs it shouldn’t be any surprise. This band counts as one good thing about New Jersey. Currently on tour so be on the lookout.
Buy it here:

4. Harelip: I Came (And Then I Started To Saw) – Self-Titled EP, Ken Rock Records
(KEN 78, 2011)
According to the myspace page this is a new one-man project from Sweden backed by the Wife Beatles when performing live. Terribly offensive lyrics and I can’t get help but think of early Angry Samoans listening to their new 6-song EP. Hilarious and completely awesome.
Limited to only 300 you should get it here:

5. M.O.T.O.: Kissing All The Wrong Asses – Kissing All The Wrong Asses 7”, Windian Records
(WIN 200008, 2010)
About a year ago, in the middle of winter, stuck at a mine in remote Alaska, I was turned on to M.O.T.O. and discovered the ultimate band for when you have a shitty job, just want to get drunk, and love physics. Centered about a single constant member, Paul Caporino, and releasing material since 1981, M.O.T. O. released this four-song EP at the end of 2010. It’s a great, simply composed gem sure to put a smile on your face and fist in the air.
Get the 7” here

6. The Love Triangle: Splendid Living – “Splendid Living” 7”, Dire Records
(DR007, 2010)
From the UK and comprised of ½ of the Shitty Limits, The Love Triangle put on this EP three songs of fuzzed out, amped up tuneful garage-pop goodness with production along the lines of Teengenerate or The Mummies and song writing a bit closer to early Elvis Costello or the Ramones.
In the US get the record exclusively at

7. Tyvek: Blessed – Blessed b/w Summer Things, Les Disques Steak Records
(Steak 06, 2010)
This Detroit outfit were the openers the last time NoMeansNo came through Portland towards the end of 2010. I had never heard of them and hung back in the bar only poking my head around the corner once or twice. I don’t remember hearing anything that great, but after I picked this single up last week I realized that I missed out on some good tunes. Computers tell me this EP was recorded for a 2009 Euro tour, but copies are still floating around so keep your eye out. I’d file it under garage, but in that newfangled 21’st century kinda way.

8. Diskurz: Prazan Hod- Self Titled EP, Todo Destruido Records
(TD008, 2010)
This marks my first record by a Croatian band. From what I could find out they started in Rijeka, Croatia in 2006 and in addition to this record they have an LP coming out on Dallas Records in Europe. Southern California worship is strong on this song though during the show I talked more about it reminding me of early Cure (ala Killing an Arab or something like that (which I think was due to the guitar sound though I am not qualified to make any judgment towards any guitar sound whatsoever due to myself being damn near tuneless (totally reinforced by the fact that Chaz made a strange face whilst I made said Cure comparison))). Either way it’s a great first EP and worth seeking out.

9. Deep Sleep: Be With You – “Turn Me Off” LP, Grave Mistake
(Grave042, 2011)
From Baltimore, Deep Sleep has just put out this great LP, though at less than 20 minutes long it stretches the definition of long player. File it with other kick ass short LP’s like The Circle Jerks’ Group Sex or Boris The Sprinkler’s Group Sex. The Descendents/All/Chemical People worship is everywhere but yet th is is nowhere near any sort of Cruz Records clone. The East Coast is making me jealous.
All of their records:

10. Tongan Death Grip: Werewolf – Self Titled EP, House Party Records
Canadian three-piece. I can’t find a damn thing out about ‘em save for they began in 2008 and I suspect they are subsidized by the govt. of Nova Scotia judging by the big Nova Scotia logo on the back of the record. Tax dollars at work I say yes sir! I think P-Trash in Germany is going to be putting out an LP by them at some point. I hope it’s soon.

11. Steve Adamyk: Unglued – Desecrate 7”, Taken By Surprise
Flat out kick ass pop-punk power-pop speedy pop-pop goodness from Canada providing no reason whatsoever to even bother consider listening to the new Screeching Weasel album. I read their LP on P-Trash is sold out, but it’s worth hunting for nonetheless.

12. Cola Freaks: Mig Mig Mig – Mig Mig Mig 7”, Rob’s House Records
(RHR061, 2010)
Mig Mig Mig is the title track off of this Denmark band’s third or fourth single. In 2008 they teamed up with Portland’s Autistic Youth for a great split single. Cola Freaks have a new LP coming out on Douchemaster Records April, 2011.

13. Sharp Objects: Another Victim – Another Victim 7”, Modern Action Records
(MAR009, 2010)
It’s only our third slewcast and I’ve already played two different songs by the Sharp Objects, one off of each of their singles. If you liked what I played the first time, you’ll be sure to dig this tune as well. Completely catchy and bound to make you bounce around your bedroom as you try to forget you’re an adult. Essential.

14. Hjerte Stop: FFTW – Musik For Dekadente Orer, Fashionable Idiots Records
(FIR042, 2010)
Another blast from Denmark, I thought to play this in tribute to Dr. Know, which is the only
other band I’m aware of that wrote a song involving fisting. From their myspace page: "...Afterwards Hjerte Stop got on stage and even before they warm up the people, they started making sex jokes about the greeks and anal sex and were prompting people to have anal sex in order to get free t-shirts from them...Well I’m sorry but I was not very amused by this kind of jokes and when I go to a punk/diy gig, I expect the band to have something more to say than doing dirty jokes." It sounds to me like they should go tour with the Meatmen.

15. Much Worse: Can’t Bullshit A Bullshitter – Absolute Nightmare EP, No Way Records
(NW-48, 2011)
No Way Records continues to release consistently great punk records. Much Worse hail from Minneapolis and this brand new EP careens forward with abandon channeling everything from the Jerry’s Kids to Nausea and Antischism into five great songs. Since each song is great I’m going to say Can’t Bullshit at Bullshitter is my favorite for no other reason than it reminds me of the Antiseen song “10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag”.

16. Murder City Devils: I Drink The Wine - In The Name And Blood, Sub Pop Records (SP497, 2000 CD / 2009 Vinyl)
If you ever have the chance, treat yourself by witnessing DJ Fat Buddy Holly aka Spencer Moody.  Murder City Devils are alive and well, playing large festival type shows in the US and abroad.  Visit their website to gawk at their cool flyers.

*Production Notes: Sorry about the extra noise in the dialog sections of this show.  We are looking into ways to clean up the noise, yet keep the lousy production we're know for. -Chaz

Mar 20, 2011

Slew 02 - Connections on vinyl

Slew_02 Notes 3/8/2011

Slew02 - The Show  //  The Pictures

AAAAaaahhhh…..Connections. Everything sure seems interrelated, intertwined, interwoven, meshed, mashed-up, etc…History runs in circles. What goes around comes around. It’s my shit that’s in your sandwich. This episode we explore how things are connected within my record collection. I started by picking the Centerhits single and then I grabbed from there the first related thing I could think of with no second guesses. I thought it was funny how I ended up with a Melvins record at the end. I hope you all enjoy listening to this here Slew_02 episode. I’m sure there are tons of mistakes in what we discuss so go ahead and shoot us an email at to tell us how incredibly wrong we are.

DRI : Stupid,Stupid War (Houston, TX)- Dealing With It LP (Metal Blade 1985)

Dead To Me (San Francisco, CA): A Day Without War - African Elephants LP(Fat Wreck Chords 2010)

1. The Centerhits: Fuck You Beach – City Girl Friend EP, Snuffy Smiles (SNUFF-111, 2009)
Snotty four piece silly punk out of Kyoto, Japan. I can’t get this song out of my head.
Can’t find website for snuffy smiles records, here is a list of most of their releases:

2. JFA: Beach Blanket Bongout – Blatant Localism EP, Placebo Records (PLA-102, 1981)
This EP and their follow-up Valley of the Yakes 12” are absolutely essential pieces of skate rock history from Phoenix, AZ.

3. The Feederz: Jesus – Jesus EP, Placebo Records (PLA-666, 1983)
This EP was originally released on Anxiety Records in 1981 and re-released on Placebo in 1983. Jesus Entering From The Rear was also on the “Let Them Eat Jellybeans” compilation released by Alternative Tentacles in 1981. The Singer, Frank Discussion, is still causing a ruckus in any number of ways.

4. Jesus and the Gospelfuckers: Alcohol – Jesus and the Gospelfuckers/Agent Orange split LP
(Kangaroo Records, 2002)
Jesus and the Gospelfuckers might have been Holland's most notorious punk band. Hailing from Haarlem, the Netherlands they moved to Amsterdam, got equipment, and started playing in 1979. These guys took a ton of drugs and broke up without releasing a proper record. This track is culled from a later reissue of their demos along with a couple of 7”ers by Holland’s Agent Orange.

5. Gang Green: Last Chance – Another Wasted Night 12”, Taang! Records (TAANG 14, 1986)
It seems like the only songs you hear any more off this record are Alcohol and Skate to Hell. Last Chance closes out the first side of the platter and just kills after their plodding cover of “Voices Carry”.

6/7. Jerry’s Kids: Vietnam Syndrome/Is This My World? – Is This My World LP, Taang! Records
(Taang 38, 1988)
Originally released in 1983 on X-Claim!, this is ripped from the Taang! re-issue. The whole record shreds from beginning to end and I would say it’s one of the best punk albums to come out of the 80’s period. Completely unrelenting, It’s definitely my favorite punk album out of Boston. Slayer covered three or four tracks from this on their “Undisputed Attitude” EP.

8. Less Than Jake: Evil Has No Boundaries – Slayer EP, No Idea Records (NIR-035, 1996)
2 songs by Slayer released as an EP. Slayer rules, therefore Less Than Jake doesn’t suck nearly as much as usual.

9. The Dickies: Paranoid – Paranoid b/w I’m OK, You’re OK, A&M Records (AMS 7368, 1978)
The Dickies manage to make this classic Sabbath tune feel more spastic than paranoid on the UK version of their very first single.

10. Black Flack: Six Pack – Six Pack EP, SST Records (SST-005, 1981)
What’s to say about Black Flag other than they are one of my top three favorite bands ever. Goddamn I love this song and the Dez version here is my favorite.

11. The Flaming Lips & Star Death And White Dwarfs (Feat. Henry Rollins and Peaches): Speak To Me – The Dark Side Of The Moon, Warner Brothers (WB 523541, 2009)
Pink Floyd is fine and all, but when I saw that this “Record Store Day Exclusive” included Henry Rollins, I had to check it out. Guess what? It sounds like Pink Floyd.

12. The Melvins: Charmicarmicat – Eggnog EP, Boner Records (BR-28, 1991)
Glorious early Melvins, they don’t write many songs like this anymore.

13. Dillinger Four (Minneapolis,MN): Music Is None of My Business - Versus God (2000, Hopeless)

So in all of our rambling I do believe I managed to explain the linear relationship of everything we just played. If you didn’t catch it, or were just confused by our rambling, we started by Chaz spinning two bands that both start with D and both have War in the title. I played the Centerhits and JFA that both have beach in the title. I played The Feederz because the record was released on the same label as JFA. I played Jesus and the Gospelfuckers because their name starts with Jesus and the Feederz song was called Jesus. I played Gang Green because we played “Alcohol” by Jesus and the Gospelfuckers and that also happens to be the name of a Gang Green tune. I played Jerry’s Kids because they are from Boston, as is Gang Green, and my version of the “Is This My World” LP is on TAANG!!, as is the Gang Green LP. I played Less Than Jake because they are covering a Slayer song and Slayer covered Jerry’s Kids songs. The Dickies were played because they do a rad cover of Black Sabbath’s Paranoid and that made two serious metal covers in a row. I played Black Flag because they were from the same part of California as The Dickies, were around at the same time, and I have old flyers of both bands tacked to my wall. I played the Flaming Lips Pink Floyd thing because Henry Rollins, old Black Flag singer, was doing the voiceover. And we finished with the glorious Melvins who at one point also did a Pink Floyd cover (Interstellar Overdrive). The super surprise unanticipated relationship of the night was that the Melvins were touring Japan when this was recorded bringing the whole thing back to The Centerhits. Cool huh?