Jun 25, 2011

Slew 06 - How to count to 4 in Italian.

Slew_06_05/30/11   -  The Show / The Pics

Let it be stated at the outset that neither Chaz nor I have any memory of finishing this recording, which makes us both think we were pretty intoxicated while we recorded this.  Concocted on the back end of our NOMEANSNOISODE, this playlist was compiled following Chaz’s shouted criteria – grab a stack of your favorite newest acquisitions, arrange in alphabetical order, and then pick a song.  Any song.  I don’t really remember why I picked most of the songs.  Some were picked due to the coolness of the title.  Some were picked just because they seemed ridiculous (think Masakari).  Either way, my only stipulation was that we had to play lots of Smart Cops songs.  Chaz readily agreed.  I apologize if this whole Slewcast comes off as a bit goofy, but that’s what happens when we drink large bottles of Belgian beers until 3:47am.  Enjoy, and if you dig it, “like” our Facebook page or some shit.

1. Black Lungs: Valley of the Dolls – Valley of the Dolls 7” , (Deranged Records, DY-184, 2010)
I know nothing about this band, I bought this single last week and it just happened to land first on the playlist.  It also happens to be a great song.  It turns out Valley of the Dolls was a book, a movie, and the second Generation X LP.  Black Lungs is “the new solo project of Alexisonfire’s Wade McNeil” whoever the fuck that is.  For some reason I think I should hate Alexisonfire but I don’t know why.  It was recorded by Jonah Falco who happens to be in both the mighty Career Suicide and Fucked up.
nerd note: first press limited to 500 yellow copies

2. Career Suicide: Means To No End – Cherry Beach 7”, (Dirtnap Records, ZZZ -95, 2011)
This is the third version of an EP that was originally released as a 2008 UK/Ireland tour exclusive.  Two of the songs are different this go around and it stands without question that I still think Career Suicide is the best damn punk band coming out of Canada even though they have released all of one EP in the past three years.  They should fix that.
nerd note:  this version was released in a pressing of 1000 w/the first 200 on red vinyl and comes with a big poster insert.  The other version I have is the Cherry Beach “Bootleg” EP that has a different cover and was limited to 300 maybe .  Original press on Sewercide also 300.  

3. Coke Bust: Keep Out – Degredation E.P. , (Grave Mistake Records, Grave 046, 2011)
This is awesome fast hardcore with six rippers packed onto the EP.  Judging from the photos on the back cover these guys are some pissed off old dirty motherfuckers.  No wonder it kicks so much ass.  The internet makes it seem like they’re a straight edge band but you’d never know it. It sounds like a bunch of other really fast angry bands that also kick ass.
nerd note: this EP was originally released on Refuse Records (Poland) in 2010 and then pressed in the US in 2011.  900 pressed on Refuse, 1000 on Grave Mistake (200 white).

4.  Cute Lepers: She Liked Helter Skelter – Adventure Time LP , (1-2-3-4 Go! Records, GO-49, 2011)
I don’t know how I managed to go this long without knowing about the Buzzcocks/Jam/Dictators inspired greatness that is the third Cute Lepers album.  She Liked Helter Skelter ia a pop gem with a cool title making it the obvious pick for this playlist and the perfect yang to Coke Bust’s ying.
nerd note: 200 copies on yellow vinyl, 1,000,000 copies on black

5.  Getting Even: End Credits – Self Titled 7” , (Pass Judgement/Rock Bottom/1% Records, GE-001, 2010)
Really, really good distorted punk that totally reminds me of My War era Black Flag on this song.  These guys hail from Minneapolis and have former members of lots of bands, one of which was Holding On.  I have a Holding On LP and, though really good, I dig this way more.  For anyone that can’t get enough Black Flag or Poison Idea.
nerd note: first pressing of 300 on purple vinyl w/obi strip, insert, and download card.

6. GG King: Reading Magazines – Esoteric Lore LP , (Rob’s House Records, RHR063, 2011)
 A relatively new Atlanta band that defies easy classification.  Sorta lo-fi fuzzy garage but at the same time a little chaotic and random.  Like really old kbd punk stuff.  Features old folks that used to be in The Carbonas and Quadaliacha among others.  At last count I receive 4 magazines in the mail so I can totally relate to this song.
nerd note: 200 pressed on white vinyl.

7. High Tension Wires: The Secret Of The Hydrogen Bomb – Welcome New Machine LP , (Dirtnap Records, ZZZ-104, 2011)
Mark Ryan, of Marked Men fame, releases his third High Tension Wires album with help from guys from The Reds and Riverboat Gamblers.  Mark wrote most of my favorite Marked Men songs and Welcome New Machine is chock-full of great tunes.  This is yet another song picked solely for it’s cool title.  If you like the Marked Men you’ll totally dig High Tension Wires.
nerd note:  I think 200 of this were pressed on some sort of colored vinyl for mailorder folks

8. Minutemen: 9:30 May 2nd – Minutemen/Saccharine Trust split 7” , (Water Under The Bridge Records, WUB 005, 2011)
I’ve always liked the Minutemen but never really listen to them as much as I probably should.  I thought this song might have been unreleased before, which is one reason why I wanted to play it, but then I noticed it’s on the Cracks in the Sidewalk Compilation LP and not the Chunks compilation LP that they are ALSO on and ALSO happen to play a song with a title related to time (Clocks as it were). New Alliance originally released both compilations in the early 80’s and than SST re-pressed them.  Crazy.
Nerd note: turns out that the first pressing (1000) has blue and white covers and the second pressing (500) has red and white ones.

9. The Mean Jeans: Forever Young – Trouble In Mind RSD 4-way split 7” , (Trouble In Mind, TM-026, 2011)
The Mean Jeans play a fuzzed out amped up variety of Ramones-esq R&R that never ceases to put a smile on my face with their heady songs about running out of smokes and being stupid.  Rod Stewart, it turns out, did not write this song.
nerd note:  Limited to 1000 copies on white vinyl, mine is # 471

10. Night Birds: Triple Feature – Midnight Movies 7” , (No Way Records, NW-50, 2011)
I think we’ve played close to every song on this single by now. Kick ass punk in the vein of everything awesome from the early eighties.   Every song happens to be about movies which we totally support.  Now gimme an LP and a west coast tour!
nerd note: my copy came with a pin, patch, and sticker.

11. Night Marchers: Thar She Blows – Thar She Blows 7” , (Swami Records, SWA 140, 2011)
Speedo, of Rocket From the Crypt and Hot Snakes fame, continues on in the same vein that he always has, writing great song after great song.  Thar She Blows is the newest material Night Marchers has released and is a great follow-up to their LP even with the long gap between the two records.
nerd note: Word is this is a limited pressing of 900 never to be pressed again.

12. Obits: One Cross Apiece – One Cross Apiece 7” , (Stint Records, ST-71, 2008)
In my mind the Obits are dang near the perfect band.  I was so happy when I found out Rick Froberg (guitar/voice) had a new band after the Hot Snakes broke up.  He continues to write clean, simple rock songs that always seem to have a hook that sticks with you hours after it’s gone.  One Cross Apiece was their first single and everything they have released should be considered mandatory.
nerd note: I don’t think there is anything nerdy about this one save that the picture of this record on the Sub Pop website has a red label and my copy has a blue label

13. Masakari: Sleep/Rot – Sleep/Rot 7”, (Masakari Records, Masakari 01, 2011)
I don’t have a ton of music like this in my collection but this EP immediately stands out.  One of these songs is a cover, but I have no idea which one.  Complete Japan worship in the crusty thrash vein that in earlier times would have had me putting my head through a closet door.  Get it while you still can.
nerd note: This is one sided 7” w/screened b-side ltd to 300 total copies w/3 dif. covers, one for pre-orders, one for Halo of Flies distro, and one for tour)

14. Get Rad: When Push Comes To Skate – Choose Your Own Adventure 7”, (Get Rad/Halo Of Flies/Perpetual Motion Machine records, halo32/pmm33, 2011)
I’m not sure that I’m a fan of their full lengths nearly as much as I like their EP’s and this 7” delivers in spades.  It’s total youth crew hardcore that makes me think of Youth of Today or Uniform Choice or something fast and shirtless like that, but they sing about riding skateboards, riding dirtbikes, playing pinball, important shit like that.  I mean fuck, they made a Choose Your Own Adventure book for chrissakes!  
nerd note: Limited to 500 copies, with 376 on a black/dark grey vinyl and 124 on various other colors. Stuck in a thick silkscreened cover (mine is blue matching the vinyl) with an 8 page 'Choose Your Own Adventure' book that I happened to conquer on my first read.

15. The Shirks: Prostitution Summer – Cry Cry Cry 7” , (Grave Mistake Records, Grave 045, 2011)
Total Devil Dogs worship.  From Washington DC one ex-Problematics guy, Al Bud, gets with one discord guy and a couple of other folks to record some great Rock n’ Roll.   The Shirks have released three other singles that I have yet to track down.
nerd note: 100 copies on clear red vinyl

16. The Steve Adamyk Band: Speed It Up – The Steve Adamyk Band LP , (P-Trash Records, Full Trash 59, 2010)
Yet another awesome band from Canada.  The internet tells me this is ¾ of the now defunct Sedatives playing songs Steve Adamyk wrote solo while in the band.  It’s great powerpop and makes me wish I lived closer to Ottawa.  Rumor has it they will have a new LP coming soon on Dirtnap, but it could be a domestic pressing of this German pressing.
nerd note:  I’m a total dork and am in the P-Trash fanclub so I have the ltd. to 100 version with a screened plexiglass cover and multi-color vinyl

17-22.  Smart Cops – Per Proteggere e Servire LP , (Sorry State Records, SSR-32, 2011)
I don’t know what it is about this band from Italy.  The cool logo, the matching shirts, goofy motorcycle pants.  I’m a sucker for matching band outfits.  The previous two Smart Cops 7”s were amped up fast punk, but this brand new LP slows things down a little bit, adds some soul, swagger, and handclaps.  Fucking totally awesome.  My current favorite album of 2011.  I can’t speak a lick of Italian so I don’t understand a damn thing they’re saying, but that doesn’t stop the songs from getting stuck in my head.  Needless to say we’re playing every other song from the whole album.  Enjoy.
17. Realta Cercami
18. Il Cattivo Tentente
19. A Gambe Levate
20. La Legge Del Piu Debole
21. Neila Giungla
22. Sangue d’Africa
nerd note:  150 copies pressed on clear/black vinyl for mailorder.