Apr 23, 2011

Slew EP. 04 - Driving and Talking

Slew_4 notes 4/20/11 - Driving & Talking.

The SHOW  /  The PICS

1. Johnathan Richman and the Modern Lovers - Self Titled LP, Beserkley (JBZ-0048, 1976)
I blame Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers for all that is known as punk music today. Riding from town to town, tormenting the parents and teachers by filling the heads of young folks with grand ideas of love and government centers.

2. Black Flag: Wasted – Nervous Breakdown 7”, SST Records (SST-01, 1978)
Of all the first wave of punk records that came out of southern CA this one’s my favorite by a long shot. Four songs with Keith Morris (Circle Jerks, Off!) doing the vocals. It sounds funny to say this release was ahead of it’s time, but it was. By a long shot.

3. Urinals: Ack Ack Ack – Year Of The Rats compilation LP, no label (RAT-78, 1988)
I readily admit I don’t know a goddamn thing about the Urinals save that they were from Southern California, released three singles from 1978-1980, and The Minutemen cover this song on both the Ballot Result and 3-Way Tie For Last Lps.

4. X: Los Angeles – Los Angeles LP, Slash Records (23930-1, 1980)
Of course we had to play this song since this episode is all about the history of southern California punk. Absolutely classic LP from 1980. I’d be surprised if anyone listening to this hasn’t heard this album, but if you haven’t, go buy it now!

5. Angry Samoans: Matchstick Men/Posh Boy’s Cock – Return To Samoa, Shakin’ Street Records (Yeah Hup 008, 1990)
Two Angry Samoans obscurities from this bootlegish collection of old songs from the Jeff Dahl days. Posh Boy’s Cock is a re-work of ‘Steaknife’ that was on Back From Samoa and Matchstick Men is originally by Status Quo.

6. M.I.A.: Cold Sweat – Last Rites For M.I.A./Genocide, Smoke Seven Records (Smk7-104, 1982)
Not indigenous to southern CA, M.I.A. moved in from Nevada and released a great album (Murder in a Foreign Place-1984) on Alternative Tentacles, an okay album (Notes From The Underground-1985) on National Trust and an album I just can’t come to like on Flipside. This split LP is the first thing they released and is a lot more rough than what came later. Cold sweat isn’t my favorite song of theirs off of this, but it’s the only one I like that managed to record without a skip halfway through and it’s got the classic ‘fuck the cops’ theme. Alternative Tentacles has reissued almost all of their material so grab it if you like it.

7. Circle Jerks: When The Shit Hit’s The Fan – Golden Shower Of Hits, LAX Records (LAX1051, 1983)
Golden Shower Of Hits, the often looked over third Circle Jerks album, has quite a few good songs on it. When The Shit Hit’s The Fan is also featured in the movie Repo Man where the Circle Jerks perform the song as a lounge band. I think the Circle Jerks were planning on getting back together until Keith (singer) got a better gig with OFF!

8. Battalion of Saints: Beefmasters – “Second Coming” LP, Nutrons Records (E1020, 1984)
Battalion of Saints was only around for five years but left their mark by releasing this fucking awesome LP along with other records that I don’t think are nearly as good. The singer reformed the band in 1995 and they are still playing somewhere. I remember Beefmasters being my friend Jon’s favorite song so this one goes out to him.

9. Descendents: Silly Girl – I Don’t Want To Grow Up LP, New Alliance/SST Records
(NAR-026, 1985)
We could easily do a single show on nothing but the Descendents. For this episode just let it be known that Silly Girl is my favorite Descendents song from 1985.

10. Chemical People: Henry Whitpenn – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly 7”, Chemical People Records (MCF2110, 1986)
Henry Whitpenn is the b-side of the first Chemical People single and sounds way different than the version later recorded for their first LP. Not surprising considering the lineup on this record is totally different from the classic Nazworthy/Urlik/Pina power trio that played on everything else.

11. Bad Religion: Give You Nothing – Suffer LP, Epitaph Records (E-86404, 1988)
After years of absence, Bad Religion came exploding back into the SOCAL picture in 1987 when this album came out. Big words, fast beats, and ooohhh ahhh harmonies like no one had heard made this THE FUCKING ALBUM!!! I would argue that this album almost singlehandedly laid the foundation for all that is fat wreckords/epitaph/mall-punk today. Not necessarily a great thing, but holy shit I cannot overstate how great Suffer is. Songs about quantum mechanics for christsakes! I GIVE YOU ME I GIVE YOU NOTHING!!!!

12. Left Insane: Neck Deep – Toolbox LP, Nemesis Records (NEM-23, 1990)
Total Black Flag/SST/Cruz worship by Left Insane, Toolbox, produced by Bill Stevenson and Stephen Egerton, is their only LP. Neck Deep is one of the few songs on the record that had vocals, the instrumentals are culled straight from the Process of Weeding Out school.

13. Rocket From The Crypt: Boychucker – Boychucker 7”, Sympathy For The Record Industry (SFRTI-179, 1992)
I like this record because one version was a picture disc and one version that came with three or four “pogs” that no one knew what to do with. If you don’t know, Rocket From The Crypt was a band from San Diego that “broke up” in 2005 and I am still in denial about the whole thing. If you like these guys, check out the singer Speedo’s new band The Night Marchers. They are almost equally awesome and just released a brand new single.

14. Fu Manchu: Don’t Bother Knockin’ (If This Vans Rockin’) – Don’t Bother 7”, Elastic Records (ELS-007, 1993)
Playing slow and heavy but with melody made Fu Manchu one of the first bands I remember being referred to as stoner rock (maybe that should be reefered to, ha!) which I thought was just a more cool way to say something was inspired by 70’s rock. It seems like the perfect music for skate videos and I’m glad they’re still active.

15. The Muffs: Agony – Blond And Blonder LP, Reprise (9 458582, 1995)
Kim Shattuck, singer for The Muffs, used to be in the Pandoras so it should come as no surprise that The Muffs kick ass. Unless you’re like me and you haven’t listened to the Pandoras. Then, while not surprising, it was nice to come across The Muffs who were a catchier and better alternative to the other female fronted bands of the time (L-7/Hole/Lunachicks…). Once at a free show in Milwaukee I saw her steal some douche’s acoustic guitar while the dumbass tried to force himself up on stage while she was playing. They have a new album coming out soon so keep your eye out.

16. NOFX: The Desperation’s Gone – All Of Me 7”, Fat Wreck Chords (FAT-561-7, 1996)
Fifteen years after this song was written and the lyrics sound like they were written last week.

Turn, tune the knob k-go
Some alternal radio
Strategic marketing hype, media, stereotype
Has our music been castrated? Yes
To you it may sound good
To me it sounds all wrong
The notes and chords sound similar
The same forbidden beat, but
The desperation's gone (the song's the same)
But the desperation's gone 

Is he singing about his own band?

17. Queens Of The Stone Age: Mexicola – QOTSA, Man’s Ruin Records (MR-151, 1998)
I have to admit I don’t really know a whole hell of a lot about these guys history wise. I know they are from the southern California desert and have some guys from Kyuss in the band. And one of the guys is also in the Eagles of Death Metal. Or maybe two of the guys. This song makes me thing of a more radio friendly, poppy Fu Manchu. The whole album just got the deluxe re-issue treatment with extra songs and whatnot.

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Apr 3, 2011

Slew Ep.03 - New Record Day

Slew 03 - The Show  //  The Pictures

Slew_3 notes 3/14/2011

1. The Stitches: Monday Morning Ornaments – Another Victim 7”, Modern Action Records
(MAR-009, 2010)
Formed by a couple of skaters back in the mid-nineties, The Stitches are playing together again and this makes the first new single in almost a decade. Totally missed them the first time around, all the bio’s I can find mention speed, meth, and 1977. The new songs are great and I’m glad they’re back in action. Out of the Bay Area for those who are interested in that sort of thing.
Get the record here:

2. Bad Brains: FVK (Fearless Vampire Killers) - Bad Brains S/T, Roir (1982)
"The bourgeoisie had better watch out for me
All throughout this so called nation
we don't want your filthy money
we don't need your innocent bloodshed
We just wanna end your world
Well my mind's made up
Yes it's time for you to pay
better watch out for me
I'm a member of the F.V.K."
New "Pay To Cum" reissues available now!!!

3. The Nightbirds: Midnight Movies – Midnight Movies 7”, No Way Records
(NW-50, 2011)
Brand new 4-song 7” from Joe Erg’s newish band that’s chasing the California punk dream from the Garden State Parkway. Goddamn this band is good and with a former Erg! writing the songs it shouldn’t be any surprise. This band counts as one good thing about New Jersey. Currently on tour so be on the lookout.
Buy it here:

4. Harelip: I Came (And Then I Started To Saw) – Self-Titled EP, Ken Rock Records
(KEN 78, 2011)
According to the myspace page this is a new one-man project from Sweden backed by the Wife Beatles when performing live. Terribly offensive lyrics and I can’t get help but think of early Angry Samoans listening to their new 6-song EP. Hilarious and completely awesome.
Limited to only 300 you should get it here:

5. M.O.T.O.: Kissing All The Wrong Asses – Kissing All The Wrong Asses 7”, Windian Records
(WIN 200008, 2010)
About a year ago, in the middle of winter, stuck at a mine in remote Alaska, I was turned on to M.O.T.O. and discovered the ultimate band for when you have a shitty job, just want to get drunk, and love physics. Centered about a single constant member, Paul Caporino, and releasing material since 1981, M.O.T. O. released this four-song EP at the end of 2010. It’s a great, simply composed gem sure to put a smile on your face and fist in the air.
Get the 7” here

6. The Love Triangle: Splendid Living – “Splendid Living” 7”, Dire Records
(DR007, 2010)
From the UK and comprised of ½ of the Shitty Limits, The Love Triangle put on this EP three songs of fuzzed out, amped up tuneful garage-pop goodness with production along the lines of Teengenerate or The Mummies and song writing a bit closer to early Elvis Costello or the Ramones.
In the US get the record exclusively at

7. Tyvek: Blessed – Blessed b/w Summer Things, Les Disques Steak Records
(Steak 06, 2010)
This Detroit outfit were the openers the last time NoMeansNo came through Portland towards the end of 2010. I had never heard of them and hung back in the bar only poking my head around the corner once or twice. I don’t remember hearing anything that great, but after I picked this single up last week I realized that I missed out on some good tunes. Computers tell me this EP was recorded for a 2009 Euro tour, but copies are still floating around so keep your eye out. I’d file it under garage, but in that newfangled 21’st century kinda way.

8. Diskurz: Prazan Hod- Self Titled EP, Todo Destruido Records
(TD008, 2010)
This marks my first record by a Croatian band. From what I could find out they started in Rijeka, Croatia in 2006 and in addition to this record they have an LP coming out on Dallas Records in Europe. Southern California worship is strong on this song though during the show I talked more about it reminding me of early Cure (ala Killing an Arab or something like that (which I think was due to the guitar sound though I am not qualified to make any judgment towards any guitar sound whatsoever due to myself being damn near tuneless (totally reinforced by the fact that Chaz made a strange face whilst I made said Cure comparison))). Either way it’s a great first EP and worth seeking out.

9. Deep Sleep: Be With You – “Turn Me Off” LP, Grave Mistake
(Grave042, 2011)
From Baltimore, Deep Sleep has just put out this great LP, though at less than 20 minutes long it stretches the definition of long player. File it with other kick ass short LP’s like The Circle Jerks’ Group Sex or Boris The Sprinkler’s Group Sex. The Descendents/All/Chemical People worship is everywhere but yet th is is nowhere near any sort of Cruz Records clone. The East Coast is making me jealous.
All of their records:

10. Tongan Death Grip: Werewolf – Self Titled EP, House Party Records
Canadian three-piece. I can’t find a damn thing out about ‘em save for they began in 2008 and I suspect they are subsidized by the govt. of Nova Scotia judging by the big Nova Scotia logo on the back of the record. Tax dollars at work I say yes sir! I think P-Trash in Germany is going to be putting out an LP by them at some point. I hope it’s soon.

11. Steve Adamyk: Unglued – Desecrate 7”, Taken By Surprise
Flat out kick ass pop-punk power-pop speedy pop-pop goodness from Canada providing no reason whatsoever to even bother consider listening to the new Screeching Weasel album. I read their LP on P-Trash is sold out, but it’s worth hunting for nonetheless. http://www.myspace.com/steveadamyk

12. Cola Freaks: Mig Mig Mig – Mig Mig Mig 7”, Rob’s House Records
(RHR061, 2010)
Mig Mig Mig is the title track off of this Denmark band’s third or fourth single. In 2008 they teamed up with Portland’s Autistic Youth for a great split single. Cola Freaks have a new LP coming out on Douchemaster Records April, 2011. http://www.myspace.com/colafreaks

13. Sharp Objects: Another Victim – Another Victim 7”, Modern Action Records
(MAR009, 2010)
It’s only our third slewcast and I’ve already played two different songs by the Sharp Objects, one off of each of their singles. If you liked what I played the first time, you’ll be sure to dig this tune as well. Completely catchy and bound to make you bounce around your bedroom as you try to forget you’re an adult. Essential.

14. Hjerte Stop: FFTW – Musik For Dekadente Orer, Fashionable Idiots Records
(FIR042, 2010)
Another blast from Denmark, I thought to play this in tribute to Dr. Know, which is the only
other band I’m aware of that wrote a song involving fisting. From their myspace page: "...Afterwards Hjerte Stop got on stage and even before they warm up the people, they started making sex jokes about the greeks and anal sex and were prompting people to have anal sex in order to get free t-shirts from them...Well I’m sorry but I was not very amused by this kind of jokes and when I go to a punk/diy gig, I expect the band to have something more to say than doing dirty jokes." It sounds to me like they should go tour with the Meatmen.

15. Much Worse: Can’t Bullshit A Bullshitter – Absolute Nightmare EP, No Way Records
(NW-48, 2011)
No Way Records continues to release consistently great punk records. Much Worse hail from Minneapolis and this brand new EP careens forward with abandon channeling everything from the Jerry’s Kids to Nausea and Antischism into five great songs. Since each song is great I’m going to say Can’t Bullshit at Bullshitter is my favorite for no other reason than it reminds me of the Antiseen song “10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag”.
http://www.myspace.com/muchworsempls http://smokeforlight.blogspot.com/

16. Murder City Devils: I Drink The Wine - In The Name And Blood, Sub Pop Records (SP497, 2000 CD / 2009 Vinyl)
If you ever have the chance, treat yourself by witnessing DJ Fat Buddy Holly aka Spencer Moody.  Murder City Devils are alive and well, playing large festival type shows in the US and abroad.  Visit their website to gawk at their cool flyers.

*Production Notes: Sorry about the extra noise in the dialog sections of this show.  We are looking into ways to clean up the noise, yet keep the lousy production we're know for. -Chaz