Mar 31, 2012

Slew 14 - What's New, Dude???

Slew 14 - The Show 

1. Murder City Devils - Ballbusters in the peanut gallery

2. Culo - I Don’t Wanna Listen/I Don’t Wanna Go To Psychward

3. Creamers - Purgatory

4.Pissed Jeans - Goodbye Hair

5.Crimewave - Houston Is Gonna Burn

6. Boilerman - Akbar Was Right

7: Negative Lifestyle - Radio Silence
good possibility the website is for a totally different band. From Sweden.

8. Shitty Limits - Future Mantra

9. Hard Ons w/Neil Hamburger - Six Pack

10. The Mean Jeans - (Let’s Go B4 I Blow My) Brains Out

11. Dude Jams - Song Titles Are Like Assholes

12. Sonic Avenues - OCD Vibes

13.Cropknox - ….Do What?

14. Sick/Tired - Sounds Like A Hot Ticket

15. Bastard - Cause Of Civilization
I had no idea this was off of a reissue.

16. Septic Death - Disinfect/Forest Of The Megalomaniac

17. Rough Kids - So Sophisticated

18. Little Cuts - RRHS

Mar 2, 2012

Slew 13 - Powerpop Explosion!!!

Slew 13  -  The Show  //  The Pics

I got a Cheap Trick record recently and while I was listening to it I started pulling other things it made me think of and all of a sudden....Power Pop Explosion!!!

1.Cheap Trick - ELO Kiddies: Cheap Trick LP (Epic Records, 34400, 1977)

2.The Knack - Good Girls Don't (but I do): Get The Knack LP (EMI Records, SO-11948, 1979)
Yeah, they wrote My Sharona, but this song is way better. Though, admittedly, I feel a bit odd when I sing along.

3.Figgs - Hey Mr. Moonman: Banda Macho LP (Capitol Records, 2438-36687, 1996)
This might be the first time we’ve played The Figgs. That’s a shame.

4.Paul Collins! - Doin' It For The Ladies; King Of Power Pop! LP (Alive Records, ALIVE0110-1, 2010)

5.Tranzmitors - Teenage Filmstar: Look What You’re Doing b/w Teenage Filmstar 7” (Cat Call/Ugly Pop, PURR01/UP019, 2008) 

6.Pointed Sticks - Out Of Luck: Waiting For The Real Thing LP (Sudden Death, SDR0065, 2006)
Holy Crap, I think they are going to record a new record. Fucking SWEET!!!!!

7.The Dickies - Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind: Stukas Over Disneyland 12” (Closer Records (italian import), CL008, 1983)

8.The Rezillos - Top Of The Pops: Mission Accomplished...But The Beat Goes On LP (Sire, SRK 6069, 1979)
Did you know The Rezillos have a new single they released in 2011? I didn’t.

9.Bad Sports - Someday In The Future: Kings Of The Weekend LP (Dirtnap Records, ZZZ-106, 2011)

10.Undertones - My Perfect Cousin: Hypnotised LP (Sire, SRK 6088, 1980)
I was surprised to find out that The Undertones are back together. They have also managed to make quite an extensive list of every band they know of that has covered Teenage Kicks. How about that?

11.The Diodes - Red Rubber Ball: Permanent Wave Compilation LP (Epic, E36136, 1979)
As I mention in this slewisode, The Diodes were a complete random grab and I hadn’t heard of them before playing this song today. It’s too bad we here at SlewHQ are so late to the party.

12.999 - Let's Face It: Seperates LP (United Artists, UAG 30209, 1978)

13.Something Fierce - Dying Young These Days: Don’t Be So Cruel LP (Dirtnap Records, ZZZ-105, 2010)
Love this band.

14.Elvis Costello - (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes: My Aim Is True LP (Columbia Records, 35037, 1977)
Don’t buy his new record. He says it’s too expensive.

15.Go Go's - How Much More: We Got The Beat 7” (Stiff Records, BUY78, 1980)
Not to be rude to a bunch of moms, but holy shit. I just went to the Go Go’s website and looking at them made me feel so fucking old. This is a great fucking song though.

16.Dictators - Young, Fast, Scientific: Manifest Destiny LP (Elektra/Asylum, 0698, 1977)
Rock and Roll made a man out of me!!!

17.The Jam - I've Changed My Address: In The City LP (Polydor, PD-1-6110, 1977)

*Insert Spit-take here.