Oct 3, 2012

Slew 19 - They Live!

Slew 19: ClubSlew  --  The SHOW  //  The PICS

I started thinking about all the bands I’ve seen play that have put on amazing live shows. Costumes, fire, fog, lots of jumping around like idiots. All that good shit. So for this episode it’s like Slew opened a kick ass rock club and booked a full week of shows. I had to forgo a couple of obvious choices like The Meatmen, and The Dwarves, since we’ve played both those bands recently and other folks deserve credit for consistently rocking the fuck out when they play live.

Doughboys: Home Again (live)- Dougboys Live Home Again 7”
S.N.F.U.: I’m Real Scared (live)- Last Of The Big Time Suspenders LP
Circle Jerks: Red Tape/Back Against The Wall/I Just Want Some Skank/Beverly Hills (live)- Decline of Western Civilization LP

Metal Shakespeare Company: The March Of Birnam (Macbeth V.V)- The Metal Shakespeare Company/The Valkyries split 7”
Insane War Tomatoes: I Live In An Asshole- I Rock You Suck 7”
Electric Eel Shock: Rock & Roll Can Rescue The World- Electric Eel Shock/Riverboat Gamblers split 7”

Nation of Ulysses: Last Train To Cool- “Plays Pretty For Baby” LP
The Woggles: Soul Sister, Brown Sugar- Soul-Sizzling 7” Meltdown LP
The Mummies: Just One More Dance- “Sold Only At The Show” 7”

Cherry Valence: Get Wild Tonight
New Bomb Turks: Tail Crush (live)- The Big Combo LP
Rocket From The Crypt: Born In ‘69/I Turned Into...(live)

GG Allin & Antiseen: Cock On The Loose- Violence Now! 7”
Flipper: If I Can’t Be Drunk...(live)- Public Flipper Ltd. 2xLP

SunnO))): Churchdust (live)- Aragathi Live LP+7”