Aug 1, 2011

Slew 07 - Drugs are to Music as The Internet is to (blank)?

Slew 07 -- The Show  //  The Pics

1. Dead Milkmen: Smoking Banana Peels - Smokin’ Banana Peels E.P. (Enigma, 1988)
The Dead Milkmen are the ultimate joke punk band to some, and others think they are high-art, original, and also punk. They are all of this to me. Filling my head with hilarious stories and images, but at the same time they play some damn fine music. The song Smokin’ Banana Peels is a great example of how to take the hippie generation trippy, dippy shit and give it a punk attitude. Well Done, sirs. They are still playing shows. Go see them if you can.
"Take Elvis for a walk and shut-up."

2. The Cramps: Drug Train - Bad Music For Bad People (I.R.S, 1984)
You ever rode a train? You ever rode a train on drugs? You ever rode a drug train? Sounds fun. You don’t need me to tell you about The Cramps. No, what you need is to get on board. Although I did just now learn that Bad Music For Bad People is a compilation from previous studio recordings. Go, Internet!
"You put one foot up.
You put another foot up.
You put another foot up, and your on board the Drug Train."

3. Sloppy seconds: Somebody Else's Pills - The First Seven Inches (Alternative Testicles, AT-001, 1987)
In their heyday, this band was the “other” band full of fat guys. The primary “fat guy” band at the time was Poison Idea. These guys couldn’t have been/aren’t more different than Poison Idea. Ramones fueled punk with great hooks and funny lyrics, Sloppy Seconds built a career on songs about porn, comic books, booze, drugs, and girls.
“Why don't you swallow a handful of someone else's pills?
It will solve all of my problems and cure all your ills”

4. Dwarves: Drug Store - Drug Store EP (Sub Pop Records, SP-081, 1990)
Very few bands match the history of the Dwarves. Fifteen minute rock shows similar to riots were the norm. Stories of Blag getting into punching matches with the audience. I have distinct memories of watching He Who Cannot Be Named shove is finger up his ass. Drug Store is just one of the umpteen perfect songs they’ve written on the subject matter.
“Goin down to the drug store
Gonna buy a box of Romilar
Goin down down down
Gonna have me some fun”

5. Boris The Sprinkler - Drugs and Masturbastion (Mutant Pop records, MP-03, 1995)
I saw Boris The Sprinkler play a bunch in the early days of the band and they were so goddamn fun (most of the time) that it just served to reinforce how awesome it was to grow up in the Fox River Valley (not that I knew it then). Rumor has it the singer Norb is a video game designer, Paul #2 was captured by a drum playing chicken and is being held hostage in Door County, Ric #6 is working in feminine hygine, and Paul #1 is who knows where. Enjoy their myspace page, they haven’t looked at it in years.
“Other people are not like me
and I don’t like them very much.”

So true.

6. Didjits: Dear Junkie (Sub Pop, SP241, 1993)
Rick Sims has been writing great rock songs since he started The Didjits back in the mid-eighties. The Didjits broke up in the late nineties and Rick went on to form the Gaza Strippers who kept the torch alive for a few more years. The last thing the Strippers put out was in 2002 and I have no idea what he’s been up to since.
“I’m on my way back home....”

7. SQRM: White Rabbit - White Saints EP (Abscess Records, AR01, 2010)
SQRM, a MA based band plays a dirty, noisey, depraved version hardcore punk that does not disappoint. This disorienting rendition of Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" makes me think more of meth than psychedelics, but whatever.
“And you've just had some kind of mushroom
And your mind is moving slow”

8. The Dickies: Just Say Yes - Just Say Yes b/w Ayatollah You So 7” (Overground Records, Over 12, 1990)
The Dickies have certainly had their own history of drug issues that slowed them down but never put them out of existence. Still playing sporadically to this day at a big reunion fest near you.
“Tell all your friends they should try it
Just say yes...yes”

9. NOFX: Drugs are good - HOFX EP (Fat Wreck, 1995
NOFX has written plenty of songs about drugs but this one is on a record featuring Don Ho on the cover making it way more relevant than the rest. Relevant how? I have no idea.
“Drugs are good, they let you do things that you know you not should.
And when you do 'em people think that you're cool.”

10. Brujeria: Marijuana: El Patron b/w Marijuana 7” (Chupacabra Discos, 1997)
The band name derives from the black magic used by some Mexican drug dealers to inspire fear in religious locals. I really don’t remember how I first got into Brujeria save that I remember enjoying all the drug smuggling imagery in their ads. I think I bought this single for the same reason. Extra bonus getting the modified Macarena cover on the b-side.
“Hay un una vieja que es my boinita
En mexico la llaman mariajuanita
La vida loca necesita hirbita....

11. The Supersuckers: Ron’s got the cocaine - Smoke of Hell LP (Sub Pop Records, SP 164, 1992)
This song’s from the first of what were three excellent albums The Supersuckers released on Sub Pop records back in the early nineties. Again, with this band most songs involve cars, girls, or drugs. They are still around, but I don’t think they’ve put out a new studio album in years.

12. RKL: Scab On My Brain - Rock And Roll Nightmare LP (Alchemy Records, VM 104, 1987)
This band had a reputation for drug use and I believe at least one band member is dead at this point due to drugs. Bummer for such a positive band.
“Gotta get good and high for the next world disaster!”

13. Honky: Smokin’ Weed With Helios Creed - Self Titled LP (Honest Abe Records, HAC 997, 1998)
Honky was formed by J.D. Pinkus from the Butthole Surfers and they do a great sloppy classic rock sorta thing. Once again, most songs involve cars, girls, or drugs.

14. Amoebas: Gimme A Fix - Gimme A Fix b/w No Emotion 7” (Gimme Gimme Records, GGR 001, 2009)
I don’t know anything about this band except that I liked how the record cover for this looked in the store which is why I bought it. Come to find out that the cover is screened on the opposite side of a rejected sleeve for a Bunny Skull EP that I also happen to own. Either the dude who screened this fucked up or is cheap or the band spent all of their money on drugs. I have no idea. Kick ass song though.

15. Heartbreakers - Chinese Rocks - L.A.M.F. LP (Track Records, 940552, 1977)
Classic song about heroin written by Dee Dee Ramone and Richard Hell. First recorded by Johnny Thunders band The Heartbreakers, this single went on to sell 20,000 copies before L.A.M.F. was released.
“I’m living on Chinese Rocks
Everything is in the pawn shop”

16. Zeke: Mainline - S/W/P/R 2x7” (Junk Records, JR 6, 1996)
Chaz was looking for the Zeke song “Lets Get Drugs” but couldn’t find it so we had to settle for this. Though not convinced this song is actually about drugs, I will concede that the name of it works along in a heroin theme.
“goin’ down the mainline
the fuckin’ mainline
goin down the mainline tonight”

17. Fu Manchu: Beach Blanket Bongout - Beach Blanket Bongout! 7” (At The Dojo Records, ATT-002, 2009)
Classic JFA played through the haze of Fu Manchu.
“We’re having fun, Wasted in the sun.”

18. Electric Wizard: Dopethrone - Dopethrone 2xLP (Rise Above Records, Rise 52, 2004/2010)
I totally missed out on these guys until last year. This is the title track off their third album that was repressed last year.
“Rise black amps tear the sky
Riff hewn alter wreathed in smoke and weed”

19. Cannabis Corpse: Skull Full of Bong Hits - The Weeding E.P. (Tankcrimes, TC 34, 2010)
This is a side project of Philip Hall from Municipal Waste doing a parody of Cannibal Corpse. Not being a super huge metal guy, I never listened to Cannibal Corpse, but the Cannabis Corpse version of whatever song this originally was is ridiculously awesome so I have to assume that Cannibal Corpse is at least as ridiculously awesome. Of course that assumes Skull Full of Bong Hits was some sort of Cannibal Corpse song. I just got their brand new LP “Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise” in the mail and it totally fucking shreds.
“Wishing you weren't so useless and stoned - Skull full of bong hits.
Maniacal murder like none you have known - Skull full of bong hits.”

20. Rocket From The Crypt: Glazed - Circa Now! LP (Cargo/Headhunter Records, HED 015, 1992)
So goddamn good it’s a shame Rocket From The Crypt isn’t around anymore. It took a few listens before I caught on to what Speedo was saying in this song. Enjoy the further sounds of Speedo in his newest band, The Night Marchers, who sorely need to release a new album.
“smoke pot, smoke pot, everybody smoke pot.”

21. Minor Threat: Straight Edge - Minor Threat (Discord, 1981)
I couldn’t make this shit up. This song started a movement that still exist today in basements and lacrosse fields beyond this nation spread across the globe. Minor Threat is the sound of hardcore to me and many others. Other bands built their sound and lyrics off this base, like Gorilla Biscuits and Kid Dynamite. That’s a good thing. Most kids eventually grow out of it.