Dec 22, 2012

Slew 21 - Locals only - A year in review 2012

Slew 21: PDX 2012 // The SHOW // The PICS

A look back at records we’ve obtained from Portland bands in 2012. Call it the locals only show. It would be a “best-of” if it didn’t take every single one of this years Portland releases to fill out the episode. Needless to say, it shouldn’t come to any surprise that the Portland music scene kicks ass and this episode should serve as ample evidence to that fact. We’re looking forward to what 2013 will bring.

1. Red Dons - Auslander - Auslander 7” (Dirtnap Records, ZZZ-113, 2012)

2. Youth Bitch - Off The Pills Again - Don’t Fuck This Up! LP (Jonny Cat Records, Mutant-008, 2012)

3. Primative Idols - All The Action -

4. The Tanked - Bottle Fight - The Tanked/Tuck And Roll Split 7” (self-released, 2012)

5. Mean Jeans - Anybody Out There? - On Mars LP (Dirtnap Records, ZZZ-110, 2012)

6. Welcome Home Walker - On The Skids - Portland Mutant Party Vol. 2 7” (Jonny Cat Records, Mutant 005, 2012)

7. Guantanamo Baywatch - We Came With Dottie - Chest Crawl LP (Dirtnap Records, ZZZ-112, 2012)

8. Cyclops - Deny - Guantanamo Baywatch/Cyclops split tour 7” (Jonny Cat Records, Mutant 004, 2012)

9. Defect Defect - Hologram - Portland Mutant Party Vol. 2 7” (Jonny Cat Records, Mutant 005, 2012)

10. P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. - Remedy - Modern Pets/P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. split 7” (Doomtown Studios, DTS-006, 2012)

11. Therapists - Hate Sweats - Hate Sweats LP (Jonny Cat Records, Jcrfy 3, 2012)

12. Chemicals - Daddy’s Home - For Real, For Life, Forever, Or Whatever...LP (Jonny Cat Records, Mutant 009, 2012)

13. Rabbits - Lame In Vain - Bites Rites LP

14. Lord Dying - In A Frightful State of Dismemberment - Self Titled 7”

15. Norska - They Mostly Come At Night - Self Titled LP

16. Poison Idea - Pick Your King side 2 - Pick Your King 7”

Nov 4, 2012

Slew Twenty - What's Sup? NEW STUFF

Slew 20 - This is the stuff that’s sup, fella. - The Show /// The Pics

You just want to fuckin’, how should we do this?

You do the first block.

Put them all in a pile and grab at random.

So there you go. Many beers, few thoughts = a somewhat schizophrenic playlist for this go-round. All pretty new releases save for a Makers album. Enjoy.

Mike block one:
1. Masakari - Contaigon - Masakari/Grin and Bear It split 5” (Halo of Flies, Halo47, 2012)
Trying to come up with a good description of this Cleaveland powerhouse I just think of the time 16 years ago when I got the new Extreme Noise Terror album and whilst playing it for my roommate I totally lost all self control and ended up launching myself through the sliding closet doors and all of the shelves came crashing down on top of me. Way better than Extreme Noise Terror, Masakari makes me do that whole losing self control thing over and over again. Fucking awesome.

2. Protestant - A Sheep In Wolves Clothing - Protestant/Suffering Mind split 6” (Halo of Flies, HALO36, 2012)
Previous comments about Masakari apply here. The label Halo Of Flies, out of Milwaukee, is absolutely killing it with their recent releases.

3. Conquest For Death - MGA AGWAT - One Definition of Success (Tankcrimes, 2012)
I can’t find anything about this band on the internet, mainly because there is another Conquest For Death from (maybe) Brazil that seems to dominate the internet. So far as I can tell THIS Conquest For Death is from somewhere overseas maybe, recorded in Tokyo and Oakland and lyrics are in Tagalong. Reportedly a new album will be coming out on Tankcrimes.

4. Deaf Mutations - My Feces Pt. 1 - Crash The Clubs 7” (Static Shock Records, SSR10, 2012)
DEAF MUTATIONS is the brainchild of Dave Brown (also of Career Suicide) and they play violent, hardcore punk that wouldn't sound out of place on the Master Tape comp. The recordings on this 7" were originally released in late 2008 as a very limited cassette that didn't really make it out of Toronto.

Chaz block two:
1. Missing Moments - Another Girl -- I’m Going To Love You Back To Life 7” (HoZac Records, HZR-120, 2012)
2. People’s Temple - Looters Game -- Looters Game 7” (HoZac Records, HZR-121, 2012)
3. FLIP SHIT - Shit Out Of Luck - Outgoing Rockers 7” (Reeltime Records, RT-04, 2012)
4. Los Monjo- El Despertar De Los Muertos - (The Monjo- The Awakening Of The Dead) - Los Monjo & Ruleta Rusa Split 7” (Solo Para Punks, Punks 14, 2012)

Mike Block Three:
1. Real Numbers - Tear It In Two -Tear It In Two 7” (Floridas Dying, FDR-35, 2012)

2. Cindy Sisters - Waiting For Tomorrow - She’s Burning Inside (Hozac Records, Hozac Hookup Club #27, HZR-105, 2012)

3. Slugz - Empty Space - Empty Space 7” (Cowabunga Records, CBR-48, 2012)
Slugz are good, real good. In a New Bomb Turks, Teengenerate sort of way. PunkROCK!!! Cowabunga, like Halo Of Flies, is just totally at the top of their game with the quality of the records they are releasing. Buy ‘em all and start with this one.

4. Secret Prostitutes - Proses Konsistensi - The Ken Rock 7” (Ken Rock Records, KEN85, 2012)

Chaz block four:
1. White Wires - Let’s Start Over Again - WWII 12” - "In January of 2012, we went back down to Yogi's Meatlocker for a whirlwind weekend. We recorded 14 new songs for this, our 3rd album. Starting out, we had a deliberate intention to make an album a little bit different than our previous two. This time, the intention was to make a pop album. We wanted to make a record that had some dynamics, with lots of ups and downs. At the same time, we wanted to still have a lot of variety on the album from one song to the next. I think these are some of our best songs yet."
Release stats:
1st press: 200 copies white vinyl (mailorder only), 1000 copies black vinyl

2. The Makers - Every Night - All Night Roit 12” - The Makers have been around the Spokane music scene for quite a while, and finally are getting some deserved recognition. The quartet has a great garage sound that gets you jumping out of your seat. This CD has got some of their best tunes on it, including the infectious "Four Button Suit", "I'm your big man", and "Look both ways". They've all got a great stage presence, so check 'em out when they hit your town! - Customer Review From Amazon Dot Com

3. Mark Sultan - War Against Rock And Roll - I just played a portion from side 2 - Good stuff -

4. Hoax - Stuck - 7” - Western Massachusett's HOAX -

Last song:
Ghoul - Kids In America - Flexidisc -

Oct 3, 2012

Slew 19 - They Live!

Slew 19: ClubSlew  --  The SHOW  //  The PICS

I started thinking about all the bands I’ve seen play that have put on amazing live shows. Costumes, fire, fog, lots of jumping around like idiots. All that good shit. So for this episode it’s like Slew opened a kick ass rock club and booked a full week of shows. I had to forgo a couple of obvious choices like The Meatmen, and The Dwarves, since we’ve played both those bands recently and other folks deserve credit for consistently rocking the fuck out when they play live.

Doughboys: Home Again (live)- Dougboys Live Home Again 7”
S.N.F.U.: I’m Real Scared (live)- Last Of The Big Time Suspenders LP
Circle Jerks: Red Tape/Back Against The Wall/I Just Want Some Skank/Beverly Hills (live)- Decline of Western Civilization LP

Metal Shakespeare Company: The March Of Birnam (Macbeth V.V)- The Metal Shakespeare Company/The Valkyries split 7”
Insane War Tomatoes: I Live In An Asshole- I Rock You Suck 7”
Electric Eel Shock: Rock & Roll Can Rescue The World- Electric Eel Shock/Riverboat Gamblers split 7”

Nation of Ulysses: Last Train To Cool- “Plays Pretty For Baby” LP
The Woggles: Soul Sister, Brown Sugar- Soul-Sizzling 7” Meltdown LP
The Mummies: Just One More Dance- “Sold Only At The Show” 7”

Cherry Valence: Get Wild Tonight
New Bomb Turks: Tail Crush (live)- The Big Combo LP
Rocket From The Crypt: Born In ‘69/I Turned Into...(live)

GG Allin & Antiseen: Cock On The Loose- Violence Now! 7”
Flipper: If I Can’t Be Drunk...(live)- Public Flipper Ltd. 2xLP

SunnO))): Churchdust (live)- Aragathi Live LP+7”

Sep 3, 2012

Running a test of scientific research on you like a train.

So.  Do people read this blog?  Would you read it if it was on Tumblr?  Well, it now is on Tumblr.  We will also be removing all letter "e" from each post to fit the aesthetic of Tumblr.  Let us know if this is an improvement.   

Aug 26, 2012

Slew 18 - Think Fast!!! New Shit.

The Show   ///   The Pics

See diagram 1 for a list of what songs are played on this episode of The Slew.

Jul 7, 2012

Slew 17 - When I was 17 years of age

The Show /// The Pics

The following are examples of what life might have sounded like for an adolescent that is cresting the hilltop of full-blown adulthood. Mostly it's just the stuff that Mike still listens to that he listened to while he was 17. You can imagine that there are other songs he paid attention to while 17, that with age, have dissapeared with so many other embarrassing relics from childhoods past.

1) Nomeansno - Oh No! Bruno!: Wrong LP

2) Dwarves - Let’s Fuck/Drugstore: Blood Guts & Pussy LP
When I was 17 Blood Guts & Pussy was the perfect album, I can’t believe they are still alive.

3) Antiseen - My God Can Beat Up Your God
My friend Dan got me into Antiseen way back when and I think I picked up this record when I was 17. I thought then (and still think now) that Jeff Clayton was one of the baddest ass mofo’s around and about five years later I was finally able to see them play in person. One of the greatest shows ever. Coming in September....Jeff Clayton bobbleheads!

4) Lazy Cowgirls - D.I.E. In Indiana: How It Looks - How It Is LP (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 1990)

5) Fugazi - Waiting Room
Fugazi still blew the minds of everyone I knew with this song, even though their self titled LP had been released two years earlier, when I was 15. In my opinion this is was and continues to be their best album.

6) Soulside - Bass

7) Melvins - Oven: Ozma LP

8) F.O.D. - Quisp: Down With People LP (Rave Records, 1990)

9) Descendents - Pep Talk: Hallraker LP (Cruz Records, 1988)
The Descendents are awesome at any age, but especially at 17.

10) Chemical People - Overdosed: The Right Thing LP (Cruz Records,

11) Snuff - Not Listening - Snuff Said LP

12) Mr. T Experience - So Long Sucker

13) Jawbreaker - “Split”: Jawbreaker/Samiam split 7”
When I was 16 I bought a copy of No Idea magazine that currently resides in a box upstairs and this record came free inside. No Idea was awesome that way. When I was 17 the Jawbreaker’s record Unfun was released and is now lodged firmly in punk history as one goddamn hell of an album. Because everyone I knew had a copy, I never managed to get Unfun until it was reissued a couple of years ago.

14) Poison Idea - Just To Get Away: Feel The Darkness LP
When I was 17 Poison Idea was either just about to release or had just released the Feel The Darkness LP and I was in full on PI worship mode.

15) Minor Threat - Filler/Out Of Step: Live at Buff Hall 7” (Lost And Found, LF002, 1988)
When I was 17 I’d had this record for almost two years and still played the shit out of it.
Minor Threat songs are like potato chips. You can’t eat just one.

16) Christ On A Crutch - You Crack Me Up: Kill William Bennet 7” (Black Label Records, BLR-007, 1990)
Christ on a Crutch was a kick ass band from D.C. that later moved to Seattle. When I was 15 Spread Your Filth came out and my buddy Matt picked up a copy of it after we saw an interview with them in MRR. I borrowed the record, taped it, and played the living shit out of it for days on end. A couple of years later, I remember the two girls from Seymour, WI that printed “Sexy” ‘zine put on a show for these guys at an Eagles Club or Elk’s Lodge right before the Crime Pays When Pigs Die LP came out. As I think, it’s possible I was 18 at this time, it’s all a little foggy. Anyway, at the time Christ On A Crutch was a lot more “punk” (i.e. loud/fast) than a lot of bands that came through the Appleton/Green Bay scene. Playing in front of all of 20 or 30 people they totally killed it, demolishing all that bore witness. Every recording of theirs is worth seeking out and members later went on to play in such shitty acts as Sunny Day Real Estate and Foo Fighters.

17) Tesco Vee & White Flag - Hot Rails to Hell: Hot Rails To Hell 7” (Lost And Found Records, 1987)
Tesco Vee was, is, and shall always be totally awesome.

18) Virginia’s Scrapings - I Am A Nice Guy: I Am A Nice Guy 7” (Elastic Records, ELS002, 1990)
From Bloomington, Indiana. No website.

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May 27, 2012

SLEW 16 - Sweet Sixteen

The Show /// The Pics

Sixteen songs (plus one bonus to play us out) for our 16th Slewcast seemed appropriate. All songs except for one are new to me. Most will be new to everyone, with these records all coming in too Slew HQ over the past couple of months. Some bands, like Sharp Objects, we’ve played before while others have we have never been played before. Plus one song off the completely rad reissue of the VOM single (progenitors of Angry Samoans) that couldn’t be left out even if we had 25 songs for this episode.

Valient Thorr - Beast With A Billion Eyes

Slug Guts - Suckin Down

C.R.A.S.H. - A Piece Of The Pie

Sharp Objects - Zero Ambition

Useless Eaters - Mr. Ocillations

Butcher Cover - i’m anti-me

VOM - I’m In Love With Your Mom

Outtacontroller - Put It On High

Corrosion of Conformity - Prayer - off the Cleanse The Bacteria comp. bonus 12”

White Shit - White Shit

Irritones - Positive Germ

The Funfuns - Everybody Like You (I Don’t)

Total Abuse - Early Morning

Fear Of Lipstick - Such A Shame

Reactors - It’s Not Important

Vanna Inget - Hemvagen

Glowkit - Take It Back

Bonus challenge: Drink the entire time Mike breaks and leaves to go get more beer.

May 19, 2012

Slew 15 - The New Millenium

Remember the first half of the first decade of the new millennium? Not really. That future world we frightenedly walked into is now the the ancient past. Let’s take a moment to reflect and listen to what was new, and where the future of music was headed. This is a sample selection of 7” records from the year 2000 to 2005.

At The Drive In - Rascuache - Murder City Devils/At The Drive In split 7”, Buddyhead Records, Buddy#3

Rocket From The Crypt - Black Eye - Dancing Birds 7”, Glazed Records, GLZ001

Rye Coalition - ZZ Topless - ZZ Topless b/w Snowjob 7” Tiger style Records, TS022, 2001

Antiseen - Hellstomper - Antiseen/Hellstomper split 7” Steel Cage Records, SCR005, 2001

Electric Eye - High Energy - Self Titled 7” - Vinyl Warning Records, Warning no.2, 2002

Ergs - Blue - Blue 7” - Toxic Pop Records, TPR-03, 2002

Bellrays - Swinging The Blade - Warhead 7”, Bronx Cheer Records, 54284H1, 2003

27 - Try - Tour 7”, Hydra Head Records, HH666-77, 2003

Hot Snakes - This Mystic Decade - This Mystic Decade/Hi-Lites 7”, One Little Indian Records, TP45OTP7, 2004

Descendents - “Merican - ‘Merican 7”, Fat Wreck Chords, FAT671-7, 2004

Autistic Youth - Banned From The Roseland - Banned From The Roseland 7”, Blind Spot Records, BS-010, 2005

Black Cobra - Interceptor - Interceptor 7”, At A Loss Recordings, AAL025, 2005

Swithcblade - 07:05 - Tour 7”, Trust No One Recordings, Trustno26, 2004

Mar 31, 2012

Slew 14 - What's New, Dude???

Slew 14 - The Show 

1. Murder City Devils - Ballbusters in the peanut gallery

2. Culo - I Don’t Wanna Listen/I Don’t Wanna Go To Psychward

3. Creamers - Purgatory

4.Pissed Jeans - Goodbye Hair

5.Crimewave - Houston Is Gonna Burn

6. Boilerman - Akbar Was Right

7: Negative Lifestyle - Radio Silence
good possibility the website is for a totally different band. From Sweden.

8. Shitty Limits - Future Mantra

9. Hard Ons w/Neil Hamburger - Six Pack

10. The Mean Jeans - (Let’s Go B4 I Blow My) Brains Out

11. Dude Jams - Song Titles Are Like Assholes

12. Sonic Avenues - OCD Vibes

13.Cropknox - ….Do What?

14. Sick/Tired - Sounds Like A Hot Ticket

15. Bastard - Cause Of Civilization
I had no idea this was off of a reissue.

16. Septic Death - Disinfect/Forest Of The Megalomaniac

17. Rough Kids - So Sophisticated

18. Little Cuts - RRHS

Mar 2, 2012

Slew 13 - Powerpop Explosion!!!

Slew 13  -  The Show  //  The Pics

I got a Cheap Trick record recently and while I was listening to it I started pulling other things it made me think of and all of a sudden....Power Pop Explosion!!!

1.Cheap Trick - ELO Kiddies: Cheap Trick LP (Epic Records, 34400, 1977)

2.The Knack - Good Girls Don't (but I do): Get The Knack LP (EMI Records, SO-11948, 1979)
Yeah, they wrote My Sharona, but this song is way better. Though, admittedly, I feel a bit odd when I sing along.

3.Figgs - Hey Mr. Moonman: Banda Macho LP (Capitol Records, 2438-36687, 1996)
This might be the first time we’ve played The Figgs. That’s a shame.

4.Paul Collins! - Doin' It For The Ladies; King Of Power Pop! LP (Alive Records, ALIVE0110-1, 2010)

5.Tranzmitors - Teenage Filmstar: Look What You’re Doing b/w Teenage Filmstar 7” (Cat Call/Ugly Pop, PURR01/UP019, 2008) 

6.Pointed Sticks - Out Of Luck: Waiting For The Real Thing LP (Sudden Death, SDR0065, 2006)
Holy Crap, I think they are going to record a new record. Fucking SWEET!!!!!

7.The Dickies - Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind: Stukas Over Disneyland 12” (Closer Records (italian import), CL008, 1983)

8.The Rezillos - Top Of The Pops: Mission Accomplished...But The Beat Goes On LP (Sire, SRK 6069, 1979)
Did you know The Rezillos have a new single they released in 2011? I didn’t.

9.Bad Sports - Someday In The Future: Kings Of The Weekend LP (Dirtnap Records, ZZZ-106, 2011)

10.Undertones - My Perfect Cousin: Hypnotised LP (Sire, SRK 6088, 1980)
I was surprised to find out that The Undertones are back together. They have also managed to make quite an extensive list of every band they know of that has covered Teenage Kicks. How about that?

11.The Diodes - Red Rubber Ball: Permanent Wave Compilation LP (Epic, E36136, 1979)
As I mention in this slewisode, The Diodes were a complete random grab and I hadn’t heard of them before playing this song today. It’s too bad we here at SlewHQ are so late to the party.

12.999 - Let's Face It: Seperates LP (United Artists, UAG 30209, 1978)

13.Something Fierce - Dying Young These Days: Don’t Be So Cruel LP (Dirtnap Records, ZZZ-105, 2010)
Love this band.

14.Elvis Costello - (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes: My Aim Is True LP (Columbia Records, 35037, 1977)
Don’t buy his new record. He says it’s too expensive.

15.Go Go's - How Much More: We Got The Beat 7” (Stiff Records, BUY78, 1980)
Not to be rude to a bunch of moms, but holy shit. I just went to the Go Go’s website and looking at them made me feel so fucking old. This is a great fucking song though.

16.Dictators - Young, Fast, Scientific: Manifest Destiny LP (Elektra/Asylum, 0698, 1977)
Rock and Roll made a man out of me!!!

17.The Jam - I've Changed My Address: In The City LP (Polydor, PD-1-6110, 1977)

*Insert Spit-take here.

Jan 22, 2012

Slew 12 - Peppermint Schnapps, and other bad ideas.

Slew 12 - The Show///

This past year SlewHQ managed to acquire 143 records recorded in 2011. Trying to come up with a list of favorites, let alone a true top ten list, proved to be difficult. I managed to ween things down to a top 40 but we didn’t think anyone would ever listen to a four hour podcast. To tighten things up I called names out from the shortlist and Chaz yelled “yes” or “no”. This episode of the Slewcast is the result. The order songs are played in no way reflects some sort of ranking. And for the record, in our opinion the top release of the year happens to be a tie between the Smart Cops LP and the Night Birds LP proving that hand claps and surf guitar are true equals.

1: Chemicals - Pep Schnapps: Chemical Livin LP (Jonny Cat Records, JCRFY-1001, 2011) -- Live on KBOO

2: Smart Cops - Realta Cercami: Per Troteggere E Serviere LP (Sorry State Records, SSR-32, 2011)

3: High Tension Wires - Incorporeal: Welcome New Machine LP (Dirtnap Records, ZZZ-104, 2011)

4: Steve Adamyk Band - Only Wanted To Know: Forever Won’t Wait LP (Dirtnap Records, ZZZ-107, 2011)

5: Crimewave - Catholic Discipline: Crimewave 12” (Agrowax, AWR-002, 2011)

6: Career Suicide - Double Life: Cherry Beach 7” (Dirtnap Records, ZZZ-95, 2011)

7: Amoebas - You Shake Me: Self Titled LP (Gimme Gimme/Modern Action Records, GGR002, 2011)

8: Secret Prostitutes - Penetrasi: Fantasi Di Aushvitz 7” (Batshit Records, BS-017, 2011)

9: Night Birds - Other Side Of Darkness: The Other Side of Darkness LP (Grave Mistake, Grave 050, 2011)

10: Get Rad - The Kids: Choose Your Own Adventure 7” (Halo Of Flies, Halo32, 2011)

11: Black Face - Kill You: I Want To Kill You 7” (Hydra Head, HHR666-223, 2011)

12: Obits - Everything Looks Better In The Sun: Moody, Standard, and Poor LP (Sub Pop, SP857, 2011)

13: Yob - Atma: Atma 2xLP (20 Buck Spin, Spin 043, 2011)

14: Cannabis Corpse - Visions From The Darkside/Lunatic of Pots Creation: Beneath The Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise LP (Tankcrimes, TC45, 2011)

15: Red Fang - Wires: Murder The Mountain LP (Relape, RR7144, 2011)

16. Shirks - Cry,Cry,Cry.: Cry Cry Cry 7” (Grave Mistake, GRAVE 045, 2011)

Jan 8, 2012

Slew 11 - Damn! To bad it’s not episode 12...

Slew 11 - The Show /// The Pics

Have you ever snuck-up-on Mike’s record collection, pulled 16 records, and listened to them. If not, this is what it sounds like. It truly is a great collection. Diverse in time, age, varying genres, and sizes. 12”, 10”, 7”...Punk, Metal, Pop...Enjoy the random selection.

1. Mr. T Experience: So Long Sucker - Making Things With Light LP (Lookout! Records, LK-37, 1990)
The first thing you notice about this album is there is a Light Bright on the cover.

2. Camero Werewolf Band: Problem Child - Our Boy Roy (compilation) LP (Telephone Explosion Records, TER017, 2010)
It took some thinking about, but we figured out this album is all Roy Orbison songs.
The singer of Camero Werewolf went on to start Live Fast Die. That’s all I know.

3. Hellacopters: Oh Yeah Alright! - Disappointment Blues 10” (White Jazz, Jazz 015LP, 1998)
The Swedish music scene was crippled with bad disco for a long time. The Hellacopters helped put a stop to that.  Thank Odin.

4. Devo: Planet Earth - Freedom Of Choice LP (Warner Brothers, BSK 3435, 1980)
Devo is best known for wearing strange outfits. Their music is really very good though.

5. Science of Yabra: Vengeance Will Be Mine - Check The Union LP (Frenetic Records, FHU001, 2005)
Saw these guys play a gig a bunch of years ago. Although I liked their songs, I haven't listened to them in a while. It’s always fun listening to old stuff again.

6. Shellac: WingWalker - Uranus 7” (Touch and Go Records, TG124, 1993)
Good noisy rock music from one of the most known music producers of Chicago.

7. Black Flag: Drinking & Driving - Muskrat Love 2xLP (bootleg, Live At The Jockey Club, 1986)
Kentucky??? Maybe.

8. Meatmen: Centurions of Rome - We’re The Meatmen...And You STILL SUCK!!! LP (Caroline Records, CAROL 1683, 1988)
Rude, lewd, dudes with lots of attitude.

9. High On Fire: Frost Hammer - Snakes For The Divine 2xLP (E1 Entertainment, E1E-LP-4802, 2010)
More like Celtic Frost Hammer....What? Yeah. You know. From before they stated using too much keyboard. .

10.Trap Them: Day 40: Dead Fathers Wading In The Underground - Filth Rations 12” EP (Southern Lord, Lord 115, 2010)
Hardcore sludge. Posi-durge. Grunge-O. What’s with the day and numbering convention to each song title?

11. NoMeansNo: Forget Your Life - The Day Everything Became Isolated And Destroyed 2xLP (Wrong Records, Wrong 34LP, 1988)

12. Stikky: The Song About Annihilating Posers - Where’s My Lunch-pail? LP (Lookout Records, Lookout 6, 1988)
I hate posers. Their fucked-up, fake-ass, stupid-head dummies. Let’s get shit headed!!!.

13. Circle Jerks: Junk Mail - Golden Shower Of Hits LP (LAX Records, LAX 1051, 1983)
The first thing you notice about this albums is the pissing onto gold records in a urinal on the cover. Classic!

14. Ramones: Now I Want To Sniff Some Glue - Self Titled LP (Sire/Nova, 1976, Italian pressing)
Might be my favorite Ramones song. What’s yours?

15. Poison Idea: Short Fuse - Kings Of Punk LP (Pusmort Records, 0012-10, 1986)
Chaz - “Seriously. How many Poison Idea albums do you have , Mike?”
Mike - “All of them. But, I need to find the special Portland release of this album that comes with two big posters.”

16. Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter: How Will We Know? - Like, Love, Lust & The Halls Of The Open Soul 2xLP (Southern Lord, Sunn 89, 2008)
This song just didn’t fit into any of the other sets of music. I thought about just putting it back, but that would be cheating. Besides, it’s a fucking great song. Check it out.