Sep 4, 2011

Slew 08 - New purchases on deck

Slew 08 - The Show / The Pics

1. Juanito Wau! One Mouth Band: Reverb Pool - House Party EP (I Shit In The Milk Records, 702-82A, 2011 )
I don’t know what the hell this is but it’s pretty goddamn awesome. Some sort of Spanish one man beatbox garage-rock sort of thing. From Valencia.

2. The Shirks: No Way Street - Disease EP (Windian Records, WIN-20006, 2010)
The Shirks totally remind me of the Devil Dogs for some reason which is probably why I had to track this single down after picking up their newest one that Grave Mistake put out. Great garage rock, strike that-”gunk punk”, from Washington D.C.. Check ‘em out.

3. P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S.: Buzz Off - Buzz Off EP (Rock N’ Roll Disgrace, RRD-006, 2009)
Continuing in the vein of resurgent gunk punk, P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. (i have not been informed what P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. is an acronym for) totally remind me of a Nine Pound Hammer or early Nashville Pussy. Myspace informs me that Kelly Halliburton (Pierced Arrows) and a bunch of other PDX luminaries started this band in 2009.

4. New Bomb Turks: Let’s Dress Up The Naked Truth - So Clean, So Cool, So Sparkling Clear 7” (Datapanik Records, Data Panik #14, 1992)
Fronted by the guy who literally wrote the book on Gunk Punk, New Bomb Turks ended up being one of the best bands to come out of Ohio, which is no easy feat unless you happen to be the Pagans or Devo. Amped up Stooges fueled punk played with no fear and complete abandon. This track also happens to be on their critical first album “Destroy, Oh Boy!”

5. Pissed Jeans: Sam Kinison Woman - Your Life Is Worth Pissed Jeans 7” (Sub Pop Records, SP909, 2010)
Chaz turned me on to these guys and I like it. For some reason I totally think of TAD when I hear this song, like Stumblin’ Man or Jack Pepsi or some shit like that. I imagine guys of about my girth wearing shitty worn thin button down short-sleeves drinking a large quantity of beer in a gross hot basement with their amps turned to 11 and completely rocking the fuck out.

6. Crime Wave: Crime Wave - Savage Reaction 12” (Agro-Wax Records, AWR-002, 2010)
As many things we play on the ol’ Slewcast I picked up this record completely by random due to no factors other than I liked the cover of the record and the text font/color. By bonus it happened to be on blue vinyl. Extra special bonus is that the whole record rips. Somehow affiliated with my Houston, TX crush the Secret Prostitutes, Crime Wave play the sort of snotty punk that would be a great soundtrack to a string of robberies. Recommended

7. Descendents: Pep Talk - ALL LP (SST Records, SST 112, 1987)
It’s funny, a Descendents show was the first punk show I was allowed to attend, at the ripe age of 14 no less, which seems totally ancient today when I see parents taking toddlers to go see someone like Devo. Ahhh....parents today. To bad mine were into folk music. Anyway, I digress....I always avoided the ALL album. It was the album that every single person in the world that I interacted with had. It was the one that was everyone’s favorite. It was the one with Clean Sheets. It was the one that they were touring for on that fateful day. I dunno. For some reason I always thought it was the least punk and most over produced of their records. And I was so goddamn sick of Clean Sheets. So I totally avoided it. Forever. Until last week when I finally acquiesced after finding a nice first-press copy for cheap. And you can all suck it for being right. Of course this record rules. Of course it’s not the most over-produced Descendents album. And of course Clean Sheets is a great song. And...through this excersise I learned that I was already a stubborn contrarian at 14 and that contrarians are sort of dummies. I hereby stand corrected. Now stop laughing.

8. The Dils: Class War - 198 Seconds Of The Dils 7” (Dangerhouse Records, SLA-268, 1977)
To me The Dils will always be “that band from Cheech and Chong’s Up In Smoke”. Somehow The Dils managed to end up on the list of bands that were playing the Battle of the Bands that Cheech and Chong were so desperately trying to get to. The Dils were an early LA punk band with a strong leftist political bent that wrote some goddamn great songs. 198 Seconds Of The Dils is the second 7” they released and Class War is one of my favorite songs. Dangerhouse just did a sweet reissue on red vinyl and stamped labels or I just scored myself one sweet bootleg.

9. The Carbonas: Sick Satisfaction - Sick Satisfaction 7” (Douche Master Records, Douche One, 2004)
I’ve been seeing the Carbonas name thrown around quite a bit lately on GG King records and whatnot. Saw this in a local used bin a couple of weeks ago. The Carbonas were from Atlanta, Chaz knows ‘em, and they aren’t around anymore. Good shit.

10. Fucked Up: Ship of Fools - David Comes To Life 2xLP (Matador Records, OLE 952-1, 2011)
The newest Fucked Up Lp happens to be a concept album/rock opera dealing with life in some fictional British town during the mid-70’s. The concept worked for The Who with Quadrophenia and it works for Fucked Up here.

11. NOFX: Friend or Foe/I.Q. 32 - Hardcore Covers 10” (Fat Wreck Chords, FAT 773, 2011)
Half an album worth of old punk songs done byNOFX with Melvin singing on most. Each song they chose to cover is a classic with the ones we’re playing originally by Agnostic Front and the Necros. For the true nerd and his wallet, it was released as a picture disc, a one-sided 10”, and a 7”.

12. White Wards: Fucking A Dead Corpse - Waste My Time 7” (Iron Lung Records, Lungs-017, 2011)
How could we not play a song called Fucking A Dead Corpse. Slewcast in no way endorses the actual act of fucking a dead corpse.

13. Dry Spell: Freak Acts - Dry Spell 12” (Vinyl Conflict Records, VCRS003/NW-51, 2011)
This band is great and Freak Acts totally has a Destroy Oh Boy! era-New Bomb Turks kind of vibe going on. Out of Richmond VA, these guys will be a band to keep an eye out for.

14. Neurosis: United Sheep - Pain of Mind LP (Alchemy Records, VM105, 1987)
A bit of this slewcast is ending up as a “Mike revisits his past” sort of thing. I had this record on cassette when I was in Junior High and have distinct memories of listening to this as I had to run around the school’s athletic track for one dumb reason or another. I’ve always been wanting to get an original copy of this on vinyl, which nothanks to Ebay is usually cost prohibitive, and I finally scored. For those not aware, Neurosis the crazy spacy atmospheric dare-say hippy metal band started out in the East Bay of CA as a kick ass raging punk band in the vein of Ambiex or some other crusty such nonsense. I was 15 and loved it. 23 years later it holds up quite well. Maybe they’ll play a song or two off of this album when I ‘em next month with YOB.

15. Melvins: The Water Glass - The Bride Screamed Murder LP (Amphetamine Reptile, am-rep 78, 2011)
Not to overstate the obvious that the Melvins are one of the greatest, most innovative, and goddamn flat-out best bands of my era. I like to think of myself as fortunate to have gotten their first proper LP when it came out in 1987 (which also happened to be the year for the first proper Neurosis LP on the same Alchemy label and the year ALL came out) and their newest LP (which was far harder to get a copy of than it needed to be). It’s the second album with the Big Business guys and is a great progression from the A Senile Animal.

16. Boris: Tu, la la - Heavy Rocks (Sargent House Records, SH 059, 2011)
I’m still not sure if I like the newer Boris when compared to the Pink record and earlier releases. This song is in a dance-pop style that seems to be the new Boris sound like on their last LP (Japan only release). Tu, la la is intriguing, for some reason it brings to mind the opening credits to a Japanese crime drama. I’m beginning to miss the old Boris.

17. Ramming Speed: Betrayed - Ramming Speed/A.N.S. split (Tankcrimes, TC 43, 2011)
I don’t know a whole lot about this band and don’t really feel like researching too hard. Speedmetal from Boston. In my mind really good speedmetal from Boston. Not a genre I listen too often, but I couldn’t refuse buying a record with a glow in the dark sleeve. Call me a sucker. Pick it up on Tankcrimes, though I think they are sold out of the glow in the dark “die-hard” edition.

18. Cannabis Corpse: The Weedspawn - Beneath The Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise (Tankcrimes, TC 45, 2011)
I’ve fallen for Cannabis Corpse. I admit it. What I thought was a goofy concept band of a bunch of stoners covering Cannibal Corpse songs (whom I never listened too) turned out to be a kick ass concept band of a bunch of stoners that write killer metal (but used to re-write Cannibal Corpse songs). This is a side project of “Land Phil” from Municipal Waste. Every song is about weed in one way or another. I’m still shocked at how good this record is. The song we are playing sounds a little crappy because it’s from a flexi that came with the “pro-stoner” die-hard edition of the album. Flexi’s sound like shit, but not as bad as the song-embossed postcard that also came with the album. Tankcrimes will rule forever for giving away playable postcards.

19. Neurosis: Eye - Through Silver In Blood (Iron City/Relapse Records, ICR 002, 1996)
I consider Through Silver In Blood the second absolutely essential Neurosis record, the first being Enemy Of The Sun. I think this was their heaviest album and managed to pave the way for ISIS, Cult of Luna, Dissapearer, and every other dark, heavy, brooding metal outfit around. I’ve wanted a vinyl copy of this forever and finally scored a first pressing in time to play my favorite song on this episode.

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