Jan 8, 2012

Slew 11 - Damn! To bad it’s not episode 12...

Slew 11 - The Show /// The Pics

Have you ever snuck-up-on Mike’s record collection, pulled 16 records, and listened to them. If not, this is what it sounds like. It truly is a great collection. Diverse in time, age, varying genres, and sizes. 12”, 10”, 7”...Punk, Metal, Pop...Enjoy the random selection.

1. Mr. T Experience: So Long Sucker - Making Things With Light LP (Lookout! Records, LK-37, 1990)
The first thing you notice about this album is there is a Light Bright on the cover.

2. Camero Werewolf Band: Problem Child - Our Boy Roy (compilation) LP (Telephone Explosion Records, TER017, 2010)
It took some thinking about, but we figured out this album is all Roy Orbison songs.
The singer of Camero Werewolf went on to start Live Fast Die. That’s all I know.

3. Hellacopters: Oh Yeah Alright! - Disappointment Blues 10” (White Jazz, Jazz 015LP, 1998)
The Swedish music scene was crippled with bad disco for a long time. The Hellacopters helped put a stop to that.  Thank Odin.

4. Devo: Planet Earth - Freedom Of Choice LP (Warner Brothers, BSK 3435, 1980)
Devo is best known for wearing strange outfits. Their music is really very good though.

5. Science of Yabra: Vengeance Will Be Mine - Check The Union LP (Frenetic Records, FHU001, 2005)
Saw these guys play a gig a bunch of years ago. Although I liked their songs, I haven't listened to them in a while. It’s always fun listening to old stuff again.

6. Shellac: WingWalker - Uranus 7” (Touch and Go Records, TG124, 1993)
Good noisy rock music from one of the most known music producers of Chicago.

7. Black Flag: Drinking & Driving - Muskrat Love 2xLP (bootleg, Live At The Jockey Club, 1986)
Kentucky??? Maybe.

8. Meatmen: Centurions of Rome - We’re The Meatmen...And You STILL SUCK!!! LP (Caroline Records, CAROL 1683, 1988)
Rude, lewd, dudes with lots of attitude.

9. High On Fire: Frost Hammer - Snakes For The Divine 2xLP (E1 Entertainment, E1E-LP-4802, 2010)
More like Celtic Frost Hammer....What? Yeah. You know. From before they stated using too much keyboard. .

10.Trap Them: Day 40: Dead Fathers Wading In The Underground - Filth Rations 12” EP (Southern Lord, Lord 115, 2010)
Hardcore sludge. Posi-durge. Grunge-O. What’s with the day and numbering convention to each song title?

11. NoMeansNo: Forget Your Life - The Day Everything Became Isolated And Destroyed 2xLP (Wrong Records, Wrong 34LP, 1988)

12. Stikky: The Song About Annihilating Posers - Where’s My Lunch-pail? LP (Lookout Records, Lookout 6, 1988)
I hate posers. Their fucked-up, fake-ass, stupid-head dummies. Let’s get shit headed!!!.

13. Circle Jerks: Junk Mail - Golden Shower Of Hits LP (LAX Records, LAX 1051, 1983)
The first thing you notice about this albums is the pissing onto gold records in a urinal on the cover. Classic!

14. Ramones: Now I Want To Sniff Some Glue - Self Titled LP (Sire/Nova, 1976, Italian pressing)
Might be my favorite Ramones song. What’s yours?

15. Poison Idea: Short Fuse - Kings Of Punk LP (Pusmort Records, 0012-10, 1986)
Chaz - “Seriously. How many Poison Idea albums do you have , Mike?”
Mike - “All of them. But, I need to find the special Portland release of this album that comes with two big posters.”

16. Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter: How Will We Know? - Like, Love, Lust & The Halls Of The Open Soul 2xLP (Southern Lord, Sunn 89, 2008)
This song just didn’t fit into any of the other sets of music. I thought about just putting it back, but that would be cheating. Besides, it’s a fucking great song. Check it out.

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