Nov 4, 2012

Slew Twenty - What's Sup? NEW STUFF

Slew 20 - This is the stuff that’s sup, fella. - The Show /// The Pics

You just want to fuckin’, how should we do this?

You do the first block.

Put them all in a pile and grab at random.

So there you go. Many beers, few thoughts = a somewhat schizophrenic playlist for this go-round. All pretty new releases save for a Makers album. Enjoy.

Mike block one:
1. Masakari - Contaigon - Masakari/Grin and Bear It split 5” (Halo of Flies, Halo47, 2012)
Trying to come up with a good description of this Cleaveland powerhouse I just think of the time 16 years ago when I got the new Extreme Noise Terror album and whilst playing it for my roommate I totally lost all self control and ended up launching myself through the sliding closet doors and all of the shelves came crashing down on top of me. Way better than Extreme Noise Terror, Masakari makes me do that whole losing self control thing over and over again. Fucking awesome.

2. Protestant - A Sheep In Wolves Clothing - Protestant/Suffering Mind split 6” (Halo of Flies, HALO36, 2012)
Previous comments about Masakari apply here. The label Halo Of Flies, out of Milwaukee, is absolutely killing it with their recent releases.

3. Conquest For Death - MGA AGWAT - One Definition of Success (Tankcrimes, 2012)
I can’t find anything about this band on the internet, mainly because there is another Conquest For Death from (maybe) Brazil that seems to dominate the internet. So far as I can tell THIS Conquest For Death is from somewhere overseas maybe, recorded in Tokyo and Oakland and lyrics are in Tagalong. Reportedly a new album will be coming out on Tankcrimes.

4. Deaf Mutations - My Feces Pt. 1 - Crash The Clubs 7” (Static Shock Records, SSR10, 2012)
DEAF MUTATIONS is the brainchild of Dave Brown (also of Career Suicide) and they play violent, hardcore punk that wouldn't sound out of place on the Master Tape comp. The recordings on this 7" were originally released in late 2008 as a very limited cassette that didn't really make it out of Toronto.

Chaz block two:
1. Missing Moments - Another Girl -- I’m Going To Love You Back To Life 7” (HoZac Records, HZR-120, 2012)
2. People’s Temple - Looters Game -- Looters Game 7” (HoZac Records, HZR-121, 2012)
3. FLIP SHIT - Shit Out Of Luck - Outgoing Rockers 7” (Reeltime Records, RT-04, 2012)
4. Los Monjo- El Despertar De Los Muertos - (The Monjo- The Awakening Of The Dead) - Los Monjo & Ruleta Rusa Split 7” (Solo Para Punks, Punks 14, 2012)

Mike Block Three:
1. Real Numbers - Tear It In Two -Tear It In Two 7” (Floridas Dying, FDR-35, 2012)

2. Cindy Sisters - Waiting For Tomorrow - She’s Burning Inside (Hozac Records, Hozac Hookup Club #27, HZR-105, 2012)

3. Slugz - Empty Space - Empty Space 7” (Cowabunga Records, CBR-48, 2012)
Slugz are good, real good. In a New Bomb Turks, Teengenerate sort of way. PunkROCK!!! Cowabunga, like Halo Of Flies, is just totally at the top of their game with the quality of the records they are releasing. Buy ‘em all and start with this one.

4. Secret Prostitutes - Proses Konsistensi - The Ken Rock 7” (Ken Rock Records, KEN85, 2012)

Chaz block four:
1. White Wires - Let’s Start Over Again - WWII 12” - "In January of 2012, we went back down to Yogi's Meatlocker for a whirlwind weekend. We recorded 14 new songs for this, our 3rd album. Starting out, we had a deliberate intention to make an album a little bit different than our previous two. This time, the intention was to make a pop album. We wanted to make a record that had some dynamics, with lots of ups and downs. At the same time, we wanted to still have a lot of variety on the album from one song to the next. I think these are some of our best songs yet."
Release stats:
1st press: 200 copies white vinyl (mailorder only), 1000 copies black vinyl

2. The Makers - Every Night - All Night Roit 12” - The Makers have been around the Spokane music scene for quite a while, and finally are getting some deserved recognition. The quartet has a great garage sound that gets you jumping out of your seat. This CD has got some of their best tunes on it, including the infectious "Four Button Suit", "I'm your big man", and "Look both ways". They've all got a great stage presence, so check 'em out when they hit your town! - Customer Review From Amazon Dot Com

3. Mark Sultan - War Against Rock And Roll - I just played a portion from side 2 - Good stuff -

4. Hoax - Stuck - 7” - Western Massachusett's HOAX -

Last song:
Ghoul - Kids In America - Flexidisc -

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