Mar 2, 2011

Slew Ep.01 - B-Side Heros

Slew - the Slewcast EP01

All the B-Sides and nothing but the B-sides.

The Show Link:  - Download and listen.

The Pictures:  - Album Covers mostly.

Slew_1 The Show Notes: recorded 3/1/11

1. Little Francisco Greaves: Moving-Grooving

2. Jonesin’: Just So You Know
B-1, The Dream Is Dead EP. Released on Muy Authentico in 2010
From Long Island, NY. Members of Down In The Dumps.
Download the whole EP here:

3. The Chemicals: Ballad
B-2, KMKLz EP. Released on Sonic Jett Records in 2010 (SJ-04)
From Portland, OR. Members of Triggers and Red Dons.
New LP just came out. Check out their video:

4. Idi Amin & The Amputees: Nasty Nazi
B-1, Disco Bitch 7”, Released on Going Underground Records (RNLD-19)
Members of Francis Harold & The Holograms. No website.
Get it here:

5. The Mankins: Still Afraid Of Girls
B-1, Spend The Night Alone EP, Released on Plastic Idol Records in 2006 (PIR-15)
I think they broke up in 2009.
Last album was Crocodiles, released on P-Trash in Europe in 2008.

6. Sharp Objects: Misspent Youth
B-1, Zero Ambition EP, Released on No Front Teeth in the UK and Modern-
Action in the US in 2010
From East Bay, CA

7. Defektors: Doomsday Girl
B-1, Secret Trials EP, Released on Nominal Records in 2008 (NOMI004)
Three piece from Vancouver, BC formed in 2005

8. Face The Rail: No Hope
B-1, Fractures EP, Released on Headcount Records in 2010 (HCR012)
Three piece from San Francisco, CA doing surfy skate rock kinda stuff
This is their first EP following the 2009 LP on Tankcrimes.

9. Groinoids: Doy Doy Doy
B-1, Radiobeat Sessions EP, Released on Fatalist Records
Recorded in 1982 and mixed in 2008, Kick ass silly punk from this old Boston, MA band. These guys had some of the better songs on the classic Boston Not LA comp. Bass player Cheesely died in 2008. I think they are doing reunion shows at this point.

10/11. Cülo: Military Trend/Don’t Care Pt. II
B-1, B-2, Military Trends EP, Released on Deranged Records (DY-180)
From somewhere in Illinois (suburban Chicago?), total rager
New 7” comes out in April

12. Urban Blight: Absolute Control
B-2, Total War EP, Released on Static Shock Records in 2010(Static Shock 6)
Complete fuzzed out hardcore from Toronto, Canada

13. Manipulation: Under The Influence
B-1, 2 EP, Released on Sorry State Records in 2011 (SSR-28)
Kick ass 2nd EP from this Chicago, IL band featuring members of Chronic
Seizure, Civic Progress and others.

14. Forgetters -


  1. Sharp Objects! Awesome. I'm halfway through, nice work so far, fellas!

  2. I am having sex with your podcast right now. thanxxx.