Mar 20, 2011

Slew 02 - Connections on vinyl

Slew_02 Notes 3/8/2011

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AAAAaaahhhh…..Connections. Everything sure seems interrelated, intertwined, interwoven, meshed, mashed-up, etc…History runs in circles. What goes around comes around. It’s my shit that’s in your sandwich. This episode we explore how things are connected within my record collection. I started by picking the Centerhits single and then I grabbed from there the first related thing I could think of with no second guesses. I thought it was funny how I ended up with a Melvins record at the end. I hope you all enjoy listening to this here Slew_02 episode. I’m sure there are tons of mistakes in what we discuss so go ahead and shoot us an email at to tell us how incredibly wrong we are.

DRI : Stupid,Stupid War (Houston, TX)- Dealing With It LP (Metal Blade 1985)

Dead To Me (San Francisco, CA): A Day Without War - African Elephants LP(Fat Wreck Chords 2010)

1. The Centerhits: Fuck You Beach – City Girl Friend EP, Snuffy Smiles (SNUFF-111, 2009)
Snotty four piece silly punk out of Kyoto, Japan. I can’t get this song out of my head.
Can’t find website for snuffy smiles records, here is a list of most of their releases:

2. JFA: Beach Blanket Bongout – Blatant Localism EP, Placebo Records (PLA-102, 1981)
This EP and their follow-up Valley of the Yakes 12” are absolutely essential pieces of skate rock history from Phoenix, AZ.

3. The Feederz: Jesus – Jesus EP, Placebo Records (PLA-666, 1983)
This EP was originally released on Anxiety Records in 1981 and re-released on Placebo in 1983. Jesus Entering From The Rear was also on the “Let Them Eat Jellybeans” compilation released by Alternative Tentacles in 1981. The Singer, Frank Discussion, is still causing a ruckus in any number of ways.

4. Jesus and the Gospelfuckers: Alcohol – Jesus and the Gospelfuckers/Agent Orange split LP
(Kangaroo Records, 2002)
Jesus and the Gospelfuckers might have been Holland's most notorious punk band. Hailing from Haarlem, the Netherlands they moved to Amsterdam, got equipment, and started playing in 1979. These guys took a ton of drugs and broke up without releasing a proper record. This track is culled from a later reissue of their demos along with a couple of 7”ers by Holland’s Agent Orange.

5. Gang Green: Last Chance – Another Wasted Night 12”, Taang! Records (TAANG 14, 1986)
It seems like the only songs you hear any more off this record are Alcohol and Skate to Hell. Last Chance closes out the first side of the platter and just kills after their plodding cover of “Voices Carry”.

6/7. Jerry’s Kids: Vietnam Syndrome/Is This My World? – Is This My World LP, Taang! Records
(Taang 38, 1988)
Originally released in 1983 on X-Claim!, this is ripped from the Taang! re-issue. The whole record shreds from beginning to end and I would say it’s one of the best punk albums to come out of the 80’s period. Completely unrelenting, It’s definitely my favorite punk album out of Boston. Slayer covered three or four tracks from this on their “Undisputed Attitude” EP.

8. Less Than Jake: Evil Has No Boundaries – Slayer EP, No Idea Records (NIR-035, 1996)
2 songs by Slayer released as an EP. Slayer rules, therefore Less Than Jake doesn’t suck nearly as much as usual.

9. The Dickies: Paranoid – Paranoid b/w I’m OK, You’re OK, A&M Records (AMS 7368, 1978)
The Dickies manage to make this classic Sabbath tune feel more spastic than paranoid on the UK version of their very first single.

10. Black Flack: Six Pack – Six Pack EP, SST Records (SST-005, 1981)
What’s to say about Black Flag other than they are one of my top three favorite bands ever. Goddamn I love this song and the Dez version here is my favorite.

11. The Flaming Lips & Star Death And White Dwarfs (Feat. Henry Rollins and Peaches): Speak To Me – The Dark Side Of The Moon, Warner Brothers (WB 523541, 2009)
Pink Floyd is fine and all, but when I saw that this “Record Store Day Exclusive” included Henry Rollins, I had to check it out. Guess what? It sounds like Pink Floyd.

12. The Melvins: Charmicarmicat – Eggnog EP, Boner Records (BR-28, 1991)
Glorious early Melvins, they don’t write many songs like this anymore.

13. Dillinger Four (Minneapolis,MN): Music Is None of My Business - Versus God (2000, Hopeless)

So in all of our rambling I do believe I managed to explain the linear relationship of everything we just played. If you didn’t catch it, or were just confused by our rambling, we started by Chaz spinning two bands that both start with D and both have War in the title. I played the Centerhits and JFA that both have beach in the title. I played The Feederz because the record was released on the same label as JFA. I played Jesus and the Gospelfuckers because their name starts with Jesus and the Feederz song was called Jesus. I played Gang Green because we played “Alcohol” by Jesus and the Gospelfuckers and that also happens to be the name of a Gang Green tune. I played Jerry’s Kids because they are from Boston, as is Gang Green, and my version of the “Is This My World” LP is on TAANG!!, as is the Gang Green LP. I played Less Than Jake because they are covering a Slayer song and Slayer covered Jerry’s Kids songs. The Dickies were played because they do a rad cover of Black Sabbath’s Paranoid and that made two serious metal covers in a row. I played Black Flag because they were from the same part of California as The Dickies, were around at the same time, and I have old flyers of both bands tacked to my wall. I played the Flaming Lips Pink Floyd thing because Henry Rollins, old Black Flag singer, was doing the voiceover. And we finished with the glorious Melvins who at one point also did a Pink Floyd cover (Interstellar Overdrive). The super surprise unanticipated relationship of the night was that the Melvins were touring Japan when this was recorded bringing the whole thing back to The Centerhits. Cool huh?


  1. Man, that Dickies cover of 'Paranoid' KILLS.

  2. Here's an idea - do an episode of all Black Flag. It could include Black Flag songs, songs by member's of Black Flag's other bands and covers of Black Flag by bands who are not Black Flag.

  3. I like it Dave! I have a Black Flag covers comp LP, the Dirty Projectors Black Flag LP, and tons of Black Flag bootlegs. Not to mention all the derivatives....