May 27, 2012

SLEW 16 - Sweet Sixteen

The Show /// The Pics

Sixteen songs (plus one bonus to play us out) for our 16th Slewcast seemed appropriate. All songs except for one are new to me. Most will be new to everyone, with these records all coming in too Slew HQ over the past couple of months. Some bands, like Sharp Objects, we’ve played before while others have we have never been played before. Plus one song off the completely rad reissue of the VOM single (progenitors of Angry Samoans) that couldn’t be left out even if we had 25 songs for this episode.

Valient Thorr - Beast With A Billion Eyes

Slug Guts - Suckin Down

C.R.A.S.H. - A Piece Of The Pie

Sharp Objects - Zero Ambition

Useless Eaters - Mr. Ocillations

Butcher Cover - i’m anti-me

VOM - I’m In Love With Your Mom

Outtacontroller - Put It On High

Corrosion of Conformity - Prayer - off the Cleanse The Bacteria comp. bonus 12”

White Shit - White Shit

Irritones - Positive Germ

The Funfuns - Everybody Like You (I Don’t)

Total Abuse - Early Morning

Fear Of Lipstick - Such A Shame

Reactors - It’s Not Important

Vanna Inget - Hemvagen

Glowkit - Take It Back

Bonus challenge: Drink the entire time Mike breaks and leaves to go get more beer.

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