Jul 7, 2012

Slew 17 - When I was 17 years of age

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The following are examples of what life might have sounded like for an adolescent that is cresting the hilltop of full-blown adulthood. Mostly it's just the stuff that Mike still listens to that he listened to while he was 17. You can imagine that there are other songs he paid attention to while 17, that with age, have dissapeared with so many other embarrassing relics from childhoods past.

1) Nomeansno - Oh No! Bruno!: Wrong LP

2) Dwarves - Let’s Fuck/Drugstore: Blood Guts & Pussy LP
When I was 17 Blood Guts & Pussy was the perfect album, I can’t believe they are still alive.

3) Antiseen - My God Can Beat Up Your God
My friend Dan got me into Antiseen way back when and I think I picked up this record when I was 17. I thought then (and still think now) that Jeff Clayton was one of the baddest ass mofo’s around and about five years later I was finally able to see them play in person. One of the greatest shows ever. Coming in September....Jeff Clayton bobbleheads!

4) Lazy Cowgirls - D.I.E. In Indiana: How It Looks - How It Is LP (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 1990)

5) Fugazi - Waiting Room
Fugazi still blew the minds of everyone I knew with this song, even though their self titled LP had been released two years earlier, when I was 15. In my opinion this is was and continues to be their best album.

6) Soulside - Bass

7) Melvins - Oven: Ozma LP

8) F.O.D. - Quisp: Down With People LP (Rave Records, 1990)

9) Descendents - Pep Talk: Hallraker LP (Cruz Records, 1988)
The Descendents are awesome at any age, but especially at 17.

10) Chemical People - Overdosed: The Right Thing LP (Cruz Records,

11) Snuff - Not Listening - Snuff Said LP

12) Mr. T Experience - So Long Sucker

13) Jawbreaker - “Split”: Jawbreaker/Samiam split 7”
When I was 16 I bought a copy of No Idea magazine that currently resides in a box upstairs and this record came free inside. No Idea was awesome that way. When I was 17 the Jawbreaker’s record Unfun was released and is now lodged firmly in punk history as one goddamn hell of an album. Because everyone I knew had a copy, I never managed to get Unfun until it was reissued a couple of years ago.

14) Poison Idea - Just To Get Away: Feel The Darkness LP
When I was 17 Poison Idea was either just about to release or had just released the Feel The Darkness LP and I was in full on PI worship mode.

15) Minor Threat - Filler/Out Of Step: Live at Buff Hall 7” (Lost And Found, LF002, 1988)
When I was 17 I’d had this record for almost two years and still played the shit out of it.
Minor Threat songs are like potato chips. You can’t eat just one.

16) Christ On A Crutch - You Crack Me Up: Kill William Bennet 7” (Black Label Records, BLR-007, 1990)
Christ on a Crutch was a kick ass band from D.C. that later moved to Seattle. When I was 15 Spread Your Filth came out and my buddy Matt picked up a copy of it after we saw an interview with them in MRR. I borrowed the record, taped it, and played the living shit out of it for days on end. A couple of years later, I remember the two girls from Seymour, WI that printed “Sexy” ‘zine put on a show for these guys at an Eagles Club or Elk’s Lodge right before the Crime Pays When Pigs Die LP came out. As I think, it’s possible I was 18 at this time, it’s all a little foggy. Anyway, at the time Christ On A Crutch was a lot more “punk” (i.e. loud/fast) than a lot of bands that came through the Appleton/Green Bay scene. Playing in front of all of 20 or 30 people they totally killed it, demolishing all that bore witness. Every recording of theirs is worth seeking out and members later went on to play in such shitty acts as Sunny Day Real Estate and Foo Fighters.

17) Tesco Vee & White Flag - Hot Rails to Hell: Hot Rails To Hell 7” (Lost And Found Records, 1987)
Tesco Vee was, is, and shall always be totally awesome.

18) Virginia’s Scrapings - I Am A Nice Guy: I Am A Nice Guy 7” (Elastic Records, ELS002, 1990)
From Bloomington, Indiana. No website.

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